Triglavian invasion stuck in dead end system

HI, New player here I have been happly mining when a invasion started. I am now currently stuck in a dead end system with my stuff 2 systems away (both currently invaded). The Triglvain are currently camping the only gate out of the system. Dose any one know how long a system is invaded for?
P.S im not complaining just thinking of a solution :slightly_smiling_face:

What ship are you in?

The invasions can be annoying if you’re not interested in participating. For an experienced player their camps pose little risk but new players can’t align and warp off a gate as quickly as I can.

Unlike the drifters, I don’t think the Triglavians will pod you so you can probably leave your ship where it is and fly back to your base in your pod.

If you have a jump clone, use it.

If you haven’t one already, get one, (Alpha’s can have a single one), and make sure it’s some jumps away.
I think Trig invasions are by constellation (not sure though), so get one in another constellation at least.

Leave your current ship (if you’re in one) where it is, and go back in a pod. As long as you don’t hang about near the gate the Trigs will ignore you - I’ve done it several times and haven’t been caught yet. If you are caught you’ll respawn at your ‘Home’ anyway, which is presumably where your stuff is.

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