How to remove Triglavian invasion from system

We have a bit of a problem and I am completely un-experienced when it comes to PvE combat and triglavian stuff.
There is a triglavian invasion (system represented as triangle not square and warns you before you jump in) in a system that our corp needs to travel through regularly. I read it is supposed to disappear by itself after awhile, but it has been there for over a month.

Can anyone explain, or direct me to a good explaination, on how to remove the invasion.
Thanks in advance

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Umm, no.

You probably should have been there to fight for it when it was being invaded.


You can’t remove it now that the Trigs won the system, and there is no indication yet that it is gonna disappear any time soon.

An easy fix would be to give your corp members Neutral standing toward the Triglavians, which can be done by just doing one wave of Edencom NPC.

Tho it won’t protect you from players, but at least from the NPC gatecamp.

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That thread has all the info you need to become neutral to both sides

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Greetings Desmond theMoonBear, this is GM Endymion.

Thank you for reaching out on this. Seeing that you already read about the Triglavian Invasion, you’ll probably see that there’s a special joint force between CONCORD and all 4 factions called EDENCOM, which have been battling to try and repel the Triglavians from damaging the systems any further. While we don’t know for sure how long an invasion will last, it’s very important to be able to assist the joint forces to completely repel all unwelcome guests, as victory could go either way.

I hope this helps in clearing out your doubts, but please, don’t hesitate in reaching back if there’s anything else I can help you with.

Best Regards,
GM Endymion
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online

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this seems to suggest that it can be cleared

It depends on the system status. Final Liminality and whatever the equivalent EDENCOM state is are permanent - they cannot change sides further, and are not going away (at least for the duration of the Invasion event). Minor Victory systems for both sides are permanently in an invasion state, but may flip between Trig and EDENCOM based on event conditions. A very few invasions start and then peter out after 3 days if neither side gets enough progress to ‘claim’ the system.

ok yeh, it says EDENCOM minor victory when you’re in the system. The system does not show in the agency triglavian invasion tab under any of the options

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Chances are that the OP’s Triglavian invasion is actually an Edencom fortress - the warning is the same.

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Just do what the null bears do when they not happy, don’t log in. Not sure how you would get everyone in HS to stage a no login to show you not happy, but good luck.
Alternatively when they start taking the systems you could help defend it :wink:

Maybe you could kite the triglavian sun structures with a very fast ship and destroy them?
They take damage, right?

You’ll get a triglavian fleet with scrams warping on top of you and as we all know scrams make you move slower then a turtle.

But those structures take damage? Then it’s not impossible.:hugs:

the problem I realise now is that the system is completed with an edencom victory and is safe, yet it still gives the warning before jumping in. if edencom won the system then there should be no triglav force there and therefor should not have a triglav invasion warning.

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If it says Edencom Minor Victory and you did not do any event stuff yet than you can just travel through it.

The warning is still there since the system can get invaded again any time.

Definitely UI team didnt cope with the task of logically sorting the info and showing it in clear way, with this invasions content.

But that is assuming they had a task like that in first place.


yeh, exactly, it just seems unfinished

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Minor victories still have Trig sites in them, and can flip back and forth. There are also players fighting FOR the Trigs (they are called Kybernauts) who have to be careful about entering EDENCOM victory sites, because they are red to EDENCOM. It would be nice if the UI differentiated these better, and even put the minor status systems on the map and Agency somewhere. But at least all involved systems get an autopilot/jump gate flag, so players can look up the control status via third party pages like the Kybernaut Clade site.

Kybernaut Clade Invasion Status page

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The whole Triglavian invasion is embarrassingly half-finished. You’re asking way too much. Instead of completing their banner event they decided to create PvP arenas for cheap streaming views instead.


Depends on how they won, there are multiple “win” states, if it went fortress you won’t get any sites spawn but you will still get invasion EDENCOM NPC’s present, which are important to anyone who is on the trig side, so i’m fine with the system still showing up as “invaded” as there are non-standard NPC’s present

If the system was only a minor victory then both trig NPC’s and trig sites can spawn in those systems so they are still very much hostile