How to remove Triglavian invasion from system

that arena’s event is utter trash, such a bad idea imo instancing PvP, that’s NOT what Eve is about.

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"Hi again,

I’ll try to answer this to the best of my ability. When the system goes to a Minor Victory, it means that EDENCOM has an advantage and has started to drive out the Triglavians from the system, but there’s still the possibility of having increased activity in the area. By assisting EDENCOM, you are helping in taking them out even faster. You can do so directly without going through the Agency."

this game is clearly broken and unplayable as a new player I joined today and tried to do the career agent mission that had asked to get a tracking pc tried to get it for cheap and finish the mission but the game only gives you a pop up saying you may be shot by them it doesn’t clearly tell you that as a new player you will be killed in one hit and have no chance of doing what you wanted to do

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