New player - Triglavian Invasion questions

New player, probably stupid question, sorry in advance. Currently struggling to navigate to certain agents I have been trying to gain reputation standings with. There is a Triglavian Invasion in the System I want to go in/through. I have lost my ship and died a few times trying to make it through. Is there anyway to avoid this or can I simply not go there until it’s over? How long do they last? Thanks.

Asked on Reddit also;

If you don’t have positive standings with Triglavians, you’re almost certainly not going to survive unless you have a covert ops cloaked ship or are in an instawarping inerceptor (or a shuttle). Even then safety is not guaranteed. Hell even if you have positive standings with Triglavians, many invaded systems are gatecamped by regular players who will not hesitate to kill you.

As for how long this is going to last…who knows lol. CCP (probably) has something planned. When you plan your route, right click on the system being invaded and select avoid that system.

First, you can use the ‘Avoid System’ list in the autopilot to go around invaded systems.

For a few systems, that might not be possible, and of course is not possible in the invaded system itself. If you must go though/in, you have a couple choices.

  1. Don’t. Go find another agent to do business with.
  2. If it is the Triglavians killing you, you can become their friends. Go to a EDENCOM minor victory system ( and shoot some EDENCOM ships. You just need to kill a few and the Trigs will now like you and now EDENCOM will shoot you. This could cause problems now with entering other systems controlled by EDENCOM, but I guess if you really want, you can reverse the process, and shoot some Trigs until EDENCOM likes you again.
  3. Enter the system in a very fast aligning ship. A frigate with agility modules or a shuttle will have no issue warping off before the NPCs or other players can lock you, especially with the latest fix to the gun platforms. That might limit what missions you can do for an agent, but it is possible to warp faster than anyone can lock you.

I’m not sure what your goals are, but New Eden is a big place. There are thousands of agents looking for help, and none of them really offer anything particular exclusive. New Eden is in the middle of a full-on invasion, so if you don’t want to join the fight on one of the sides, best to just avoid the active warzones for now until the dusts settles some.

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I certainly don’t have anything fancy ship wise, just a pretty standard Heron. I’ll just try to avoid the systems.

Thank you for your time.

This is a pretty detailed explanation and is clear in what my options are.

With regards to your last point, quite simply I was doing some Distribution runs at level 2 for School of Applied Knowledge, pretty close to level 3 standing. The system I want to go into is where the agent is located. Should I just go do something else in that case?

Probably. Unless level 2 distribution missions fit in a shuttle ( I forget, but I guess not), it’s too risk to move stuff to or from there.

Do you know how to use the Agent Finder? You can filter and search for another School of Applied Knowledge agent that gives out level 2 Distribution missions.

Actually, if you are brave I have something that should work:

  1. Enter the system in a pod and make insta bookmarks at the station -

    • This will allow you to safely dock and leave a station.
  2. Fit up a Travel Sunesis -

    • This fit is like ~10M ISK (rough guess) and aligns in less than 2 seconds, meaning you are unlockable if you don’t linger in space, in high/lowsec anyway. It also can carry 600m3.
  3. Do the mission anyway. You enter the system, warp to your instadock. For extra safety set the station as a destination in the autopilot and then activate the autopilot when you are already in warp. This will mean you will instantly dock when you land. Accept the mission, undock and warp to the gate and jump. Again, you should be in warp before a NPC or player can lock you. Finish the mission.

With players I am confident this would work as <2s warp is a very reliable way to pass gatecamps. However, with the NPCs, they have inhuman reaction times so it is possible you might get caught. The safer option is to find an equivalent agent elsewhere, but you could give this a shot.

For a cheaper option, if the cargo is sufficient, you could do the same in a T1 frigate like this one:


I have used the Agent Finder, but I didn’t realise it could be filtered like that. Will look at that later.

The InstaDock bookmark is very clever and I didn’t realise something like that existed. Totally would help.

The Travel Sunesis sounds really cool and still holds a larger hold capacity than my Heron did. I’m going to give that a go for sure.

Thank you for your time. You have really helped me out a lot, way beyond what I expected.


a new player who is trying to learn and improve instead of whining and complaining!
i sent you some isks in game to help you. Have fun in eve!

Is it possible for a very new player to participate? I stumbled into one system and was instantly vaporized in my frigate. Seems to me this event is really for more experienced players.

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