Triglavian-invaded system "state" timings query

Hi all, just a quick couple of questions:

When an invaded system reaches “EDENCOM Fortress” state, how long does it remain in an “invaded” state where you’re warned about entering at your own risk, before it returns to a “normal” system?

Likewise, when in this Fortress state, will you get attacked by either Triglavian or EDENCOM forces if you’re neutral to them? As in, if I’m in high sec for example, am I going to get my arse randomly handed to me as I casually wander through, kind of like a Sansha incursion?

Either I’ve missed something or communication on this topic has been very vague.

Thanks in advance guys

You didn’t miss anything: CCP has released minimal data on the mechanics changes related to Invasion Chapter 3 ‘to let players discover for themselves’ or some such silliness.

Nobody knows if Fortress systems will ever stop showing invasion alerts.

You can make yourself actually neutral (white) toward Triglavians by dealing damage to EDENCOM forces - see this thread for discussion and options:
Here is how to gain neutral standings to triglavian npcs

As long as you get your standings into the ‘butter zone’ of positive toward Triglavians and better than -1.0 toward EDENCOM, none of the Invasion NPC forces will initiate hostilities toward you.

Note that personal standings are separate from the security status effects of Liminality systems - while the NPCs won’t attack you, players may do so. Pay attention to sec status changes to avoid gate camps in TrigSec systems.

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Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.

Just to clarify, at present I’m 0.0 to both Triglavians and EDENCOM, so in effect do they operate on a NRDS policy, or is it a NBSI towards me as far as the Triglavians are concerned?

Thanks again.

If you are true 0.0 (no standings at all), EDENCOM will ignore you but Trigs will be red to you. Neither Invasion faction standings make use of existing standing modifier skills (Diplomacy/Connections/etc), so the only way to make yourself not-red to Trigs is to boosh EDENCOM. Thankfully, EDENCOM is far more forgiving and keeps you white until -1.0.

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I see, thanks very much for the advice Mkikaden.

Happy to assist. Good luck out there.

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