Here is how to gain neutral standings to triglavian npcs

Go to contested system.
Get any ship that can lock fast and do damage.
Fly to a forward post site.
Wait for triglavian players fleet to arrive and start killing.
Attack any edencom ship from each wave( you only need to do damage to any ship on wave 3 but better safe than sorry)
When the site is complete you should get an isk payment. Once you have that dock up and wait 15ms for the standings tick to come.
If it doesn’t you may need to run another site.
If it did undock and find some trig npcs, they should now be white and neutral to you.
Now never be bothered by any side.


Ps. You will have stand of - 0.001 to edencom and +0.001 to trigs. Neither side or Steve will then shoot you.

Simple huh

Edit: this guide is for alts with little to now combat skills


:red_circle: I wonder if this is one of the “difficult choices” that CCP mentioned on their announcements that players have to make. :thinking:


Honestly I hope they fix this, if only because it undermines the whole gravity of these invasions if it can get to a point where neither side shoots you. I’m okay with getting melted by Steve whenever I jump in to a Trig system, but the gunstars should do the same for anyone that shoots an EDENCOM ship. Would also be a good chance to see if the systems taken over influence which side people join, like if more Caldari based players join Trigs or if more Amarrian based players choose EDENCOM.


So , are you suggesting for skill and persistence to not matter? Only numbers should? Yeah, sure

I think it’s already broken in the fact that it puts you negative to trigs in the first place.
Everyone should be neutral unless they choose a side


If you mean what I think you mean with how Amarr and Caldari EDENCOM rats are right now, I would love to see them be brought in to line. I’m just speaking from a perspective of locals in both areas of space. Caldari space is overwhelmingly Triglavian right now, so it’d make sense for locals living there to support the Trigs. The opposite is true in Amarrian space, where EDENCOM holds the majority of systems.

Skill and persistence should matter, of course. It’s why EDENCOM stuck around in Ichoriya for so long even though defending it was probably futile. I’m just saying that for people who don’t care about either side and wouldn’t get involved in the conflict otherwise, having them pick one side or the other would facilitate more people getting involved in the conflict.

This is more than is strictly necessary - I just got the +ve trig standing by simply flying to an idle Forward site, taking a pot-shot at an Edencom ship, and running away again.


When I tried that I got killed and no standings.

But if it works hell yeah

You died to an Edencom ship ?

Yes I shot it and the whole group turned on me lol :laughing:.
That’s why I tried the other method and it worked for all 8 of my alts.
Now I’m free to roam the systems picking up loot that people leave behind

The group I hit was just 1 BS, 1 BC and a frigate. The BC was a bit separated so I got to 500mtrs from it, switched on my sebo, aligned to a station, locked-up the BC, fired 1 volley at it, warped to the pre-aligned station and docked up for 20 minutes. Neither of the big ships had time to react, and the frigate yellow-boxed me but was too far away to do anything else. This was in a tanky Punisher. Just lucky I guess :slight_smile:

My guide was mainly for people with alts that cannot fly tanked anything. Yeah maybe a tanked tayra.

It could be done in an ibis and once in the system was safe. All you had to do was warp around the forward posts till you found a fleet running the site.

The Punisher wasn’t essential, just happens to be my ‘go to’ ship. Anything that can shoot and run away would do.

Sorry for the stupid question, I have recently reactivated.
How do I find a contested system to try this? All my assets are stuck in a Trig owned system :frowning:

Not a stupid question at all my friend.

Top left the eve menu.
The agency.
Triglavian Invasion.
Stellar recon if you still want high sec rules
Or escalating liminality if you don’t mind lowsec rules.

Senda is quite active so just jump into system and dock up in a upsell structure. Ask in local chat or invasion chat for sites fleet. Tell them you are knew to this and you are looking for standings.
I’m sure they will help you.

Enjoy your new neutral eve life.
P.s. you could stay around if you like and help us rid eve of the edencommies but not a must :grin:.


Thank you for that information, looks like there are no Stellar Recon systems at the moment.

I can make my way to Senda, looks like the Trig are invading it - will there be opporunities to kill endcomunists there? :wink:

I fly pure Caldari, recommended ship to bring? Thanks again - and I may take you up on that offer :slight_smile:

Senda has undergone final liminality and is no longer contested. If you would like to fight against EDENCOM for the Triglavian Collective join the in-game channel “The Triglavian Community”.

From there, you can find links to our fleets, public discord, and some cheap effective fits for this content.

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Thanks Carrus!

If you have a friend or friends that can complete a forward post in a minor triglavian or edencom victory system then you can get your standings from that.

If you don’t have access to that then maybe wait till next system is up.

Depends if you just want standings or you want to help with the fight :grin:. If just for standing only need a rookie ship.

If you want to join the fight it might be hard for caldari shield tankers as most fleets are armour tanking/repping fleets but ask first as I know some logi do have Shield reps.
If it’s me (my alt) doing the logi I won’t turn anyone away.