Faulty game mechanics in Triglavian systems, or CCP suceeded in creating safe Hisec for the first time


I just made an amazing experience.
I tried to move my alt into Trig Luminality system Harva, jumped through gate, spammed warp button.
I was sitting in a frigate, and my ship was executed on the gate before it could reach warp.
I got to the station in capsule. there are two gate guns on the gate, they onehit frigate, no lock time, they do it instantly.
I warped back, again, my capsule was executed without any delay.

I do not believe this is intended game mechanics. Nullsec does not have gate guns, in hisec they fire only if you break rules. I am not sure if they one hit you in hisec, been playing for years, I behave myself.

Before someone starts screaming Edencom supporter, I never once joined Edencom fleet, I play from the start for the Trigs.

The Trig community is small but dedicated group of players, if I say small, I mean the core, is a few dozen people. I am part of it. These people emphasize, that they focus on PvP.
Right now there is no internal divide between them. They are not close, but do not attack one another.

That leaves the question, what will this PvP group do, when you created star systems, where they are perfectly safe.

I believe Goons should demand, that gate guns are placed in their systems, on each gate, and onehit anyone who is not part of their alliance, who approaches gate, instantly and with no delay.

I do not think that this was intended game mechanics.
I am on the comms of Triglavian community, I know that people communicate with the GM all the time, and bring various toppics and bugs to attention.

Please consider this to be another such effort.

By the way, I went to Edencom fortress system, it did have 4 gates in total, only on one gate was one Edencom gate gun.

Seems like disparity to me. Trig system with one gate only has two gate guns on it, Edencom system with 4 gates has only one gategun on only one gate. This should be also given attention.

Thank you for your attention.


It is. Welcome to EVE.

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In a funny way: You got what you deserved :grinning:.

Supporting a faction, where you do not know their motivations is risky.
You help them to get new systems, and they shot you down for it. Can anyone else see the irony in this? :laughing:

But yes, these guns are really fast. They surprissed me when i undocked from a station.


Did you get any standing with trigs? If the gun wasn’t red to you, then this most likely is a bug it engaged you in the first place

You’re saying …
… that you believe …
… the sentry turrets at the gate shot at you …
without any form of provocation …
… but because of your standings ??

At a station as well?

The werposts replace the usual gate guns in Lim systems. Just be neutral/blue to Trigs and you have no problem.

I’m just trying to be very clear and thorough here,
because this is completely new to me.

So this means that the opposing faction’s turrets will always shoot you …
… whenever you enter one of their systems?

At the gate and at stations?


Yes, based on your standings. Instalock, pod kill.


Now THAT’s quite a change.

There are going to be so many more systems spread between these two…

Very, very ballsy from CCP.

Congrats on figuring out why no one is going to use trig systems, because you get shot when you enter them.
The funny part is people speculating that it was going to be this go to place now.

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Not when you support trigs.

This sounds interesting. I agree with Solstice - tell us more.

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Just to highlight, how “ingenious” this situation is on the part of a CCP with those turrets: Entropic Disintegrator Werpost

So . . . Chaos?

Wait until Niarja falls. Highsec endgame


im glad i live in low , god old amarr empire low , god old simple amarr empire low

Low is not safe. Nalvula has fallen.

Hint: Find and kill one Edencom elite vessel (can be a frig), and you are neutral to both factions a couple min later. Of course you can’t shoot Trigs then ever again.

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Should have sent you a message first “Your usefulness to the cause has ceased, prepare for extirpation”.

Triglavians need to communicate more.



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Yes. At NPC Station. An alt from me undocked from it. He was more or less instant killed and podded. No chance to dock again or warp. Not even in the pod. He was in a rookie ship.