Steve has destroyed over 1 trillion isk

It’s so beautiful
CCP I love you


:red_circle: NPC taking over the activity from players. Amazing.

In the past there would have been outrage when a player dared to suggest NPC should do things that are player activities. Now people rejoice over this.


You enter trig controled space and you expect to be allowed to wander free ? I think not

You have to prove yourself worthy to enter. Pass this test of strength and you shall be allowed to pass unmolested by steve


Yes, let me quickly shoot one Edencom ship to get my +0.01 trig standing. Now I have showed my worth.


Good for you. see it’s not that difficult and there was no need to come here and complain now was there.
Now run along and tell all your friends how easy it is.

It is so easy, even Edencom should be able to manage it.

Nothing better than introducing triglavian sentry gun that works in different way than existing empire sentry guns and placing them not only in triglavian fully contested systems (which are listed in Agency window), but also in triglavian minor victory systems, that are not listed in any in-game info panel. So hundreds of unaware of threat pilots not only loose their ships & cargo, but also got podded.

Totally shameful and pitiful trolling from CCP side. Which at this point is a no surprise, unfortunately.


ikr strange and sad :confused:

So should I come here if I’m minus to edencom and the gunstar kills me and pods me ?

Or do I just avoid those systems unless I’m with a group

Gunstar doesn’t attack until you make them hate you - even if you are negative to the component factions, as long as you are above -1 with EDENCOM their sentry guns ignore you. Different mechanics for Trigs entirely.

I’m curious: Do the gunstars pod Kybernauts?


Yes I’m -5.6 so yes they kill me. Well one of me is the other me’s are neutral and were with the first few days.

It is mess, mainly because of CCP inability to design UI that provides clear information to users.

If the standings work differently for some entities, there is need to make categories and put these entities there. Which is not the case, and these entities use the OLD system with completely different established rules.

:woman_facepalming: :psyccp: :psycsm: :wheelchair:



Just add something similar for all factions.

-.001 with Amarr Empire? Instant lock and podded upon entering any system controlled by them.

I am sure this is coming soon since CCP would never show favoritism to one faction.


Well I guess they get aware. This is EVE.

Moving right along…

Oh give me a break with this. Any form of player initiative has been stagnant for the past 6 years, sov 0.0 area especially, only doing something once in a blue moon.

If those are supposed to be only player activities, why aren’t players doing them?

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In null? Because they are enjoying the isk/h of not fighting.

In hi-sec? Cause CCP nerfed the ■■■■ out of such player activities.

Then those players lose every right to complain that CCP is using NPCs to create content.

Last time I checked, CODE. is still ganking stuff left and right. And we still have high sec wars happening.
Yes, we lost the option of blanket deccing every bloody corp in existence, but I am fine with that being removed.

They show up on the map.
They show up in the autopilot as small triangle.
If you try to jump in, you get a fair warning.

I completely agree that people who died to Triglevian are completely clueless. Whenever I get a popup on my screen like „your hard drive will get erased completely, are you sure“ I also always press okay without reading it.

There’s a MASSIVE difference in the scale of behavior in Minor Victory systems compared to prior Invaded System mechanics, though, while the pop-up alert is identical, and zero official communications exist to outline these differences. So if a player is used to being able to transit an ‘invaded’ system under prior mechanics, and isn’t getting anything new in the way of messaging, and CCP hasn’t disclosed there are new mechanics in play where these alerts appear (including insta-lock sentry guns all over the place with 1000 HP alpha damage - easily 4-5 of these at a single gate or station) … you can see how players might think they are accepting a different level of risk vs the reality, based on prior experiences.