CCPlease! Extend Triglavian Invasion

So much better than I expected but not in the way you think.

The bot deaths are incredible! I hope the Triglavian Invasion or something like it NEVER ends. More, more, more!

THANK YOU CCP! Finally a way to screw up their damn cheating!


Not a single bot in null has been affected by this.

Yea I don’t think he realizes that cores are restricted to high sec and only edges can touch on low or null and I doubt there is any bot’s in a null that are on the fridge of a high-sec.

Way too dangerous with the traffic for them.

Lv3 Distribution mission bots do suffer, i guess…

Perhaps one or two.

this kid loves pve

not gonna lie, not liking the invasion because even in a fast destroyer ive had to land on the other gate and bounce to station for repairs because the invasion rats instalock you on decloak, every jump i go to hull, so far no warp scrams. so it is giving people what they want for limited moving in empire.

Just curious is your destroyer sub 2 sec align (and if not and not a secret what is your align time)?

Its wierd because my Magnate can jump into a fight, load up and be gone and their still barely attempting to lock me.

And no, it has no manuever mods or rigs. Its cargo salvage and scan fit with a dam control.

That’s because they are shooting at the guy’s killing them while your taking their loot, trig’s only shoot people that aren’t engaging them if no one is engaging them.

So why engage in a fast destroyer? They web and youve no tank afaik.

i didnt engage them, i was traveling. i saw there was a drifter invasion to go to arnon so i chose a small faster ship over my usual stratios. jump through the gate and saw the drifters sitting there not attacking anything, hit warp to the next gate and as soon as the cloak went down from the movement to warp i was instantly locked and saw 3 forms of ew hit along with armor timer and hull timer. I have max nav skills which doesnt do much vs a sub 1 sec lock.

I advise a travel fit of at least 6k ehp then.

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