Incursion bot ganked and stucked, lost whole fleet

Yesterday we caught a Loki running incursion with about 8 Rattlesnakes. The Loki is blingy (Loki | Lynn Maier | Killmail | zKillboard 2 billion isk ) and we didn’t think too much about it. Carebears do strange things all the times anyway. The magic happened that after the Loki was ganked, the faulty script still ran the remaining rattlesnakes to another incursion site and tried to do it without the loki.

Since the loki was the only logistic in the whole fleet, all the rattlesnakes died one by one in that site very quickly. All the capsules silently float around rattlesnake wrecks. At that point we realized that the whole fleet must be run by a script.

So we tried to gank them again today: Loki | Lynn Maier | Killmail | zKillboard. Apparently he upgraded the script a bit so when the loki dies, the script will stop running. They stuck in the space not doing anything until DT and another gentleman took down one of his rattlesnake in the meanwhile Rattlesnake | Ind B | Killmail | zKillboard.

Just a little story for the weekend :slight_smile:


Did you at lest reported them?

Yes of course. Always keen to gank bots with CCP


Thanks for killing and reporting him. Keep up the good work.

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sadly CCP doesnt care in the slightest, there is also a bhargest multiboxer inputbroadcasting like crazy, i took a video as evidence but CCP told me they dont care, please just hit report as bot. Months later he is still there cheating like crazy.
Im running VGs on my own and its really a lot of work if you do it without cheating

Looking at amount of mails I have saved I think they care. Considering that RMT cartel in my country was taken down and never came back I think they care. They aren’t perfect on fighting with bots and illegal RMT. But it’s way better situation than few years ago

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They care if someone uses bots/broadcasting to gank and upset their actual customers and business partners (the PvE bot runners). If you don’t believe me, set up two bots side by side (or broadcast without botting), one for PvE, and one for ganking, and see which gets hit first (if ever).

Just going by the pilot name shouts “Bot-aspirant”.

They did not say that they don’t care. Even if they didn’t actually care, they wouldn’t tell that to a player. Moreover, they have done a lot to combat botting. Unfortunately, bots are like cockroaches. As many as kill, there are always more. It’s CCP’s forever war.

Anyway, what makes you think the barghest fleet is a bot?

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I get plenty of email notifications when I report bots, but a lot of “bots” are really just human, semi-afk dodecaboxers

CCP care about RMT the bots ccp ban tend to just be collateral damage in the war against RMT sites.

CCP would drive by 10k bots to nail some working class joe in Ukraine who is manually at keyboard organising a mining fleet who sold $10 of isk to a ccp agent.


He didn’t talk back to me in local/pm. Ummm…unless in my friends lists/corp/alliance I don’t talk to many beyond that. 0.0 and wh training…don’t talk in local. don’t get into pm trash talk sessions. Shut up and do your thing basically.

they did not respond to bumping or other aggro means to evoke a response. Some if like me really don’t care. After you roll the dice on a afk, they are in fact not afk and they drop in a dynamite fishing carrier most hi sec means to get you going are just…lacking.

when they are in danger of getting properly caught out

Two billion? You call this blingy? Meh

Looking at your killboard and laughing right now, Orca | Azalais Selenica | Killmail | zKillboard I’d call this a blingy orca

Calm down miner

I call it “a day worth of farming”

I’m cool with bots being ganked but not players. Convince me that your gank targets are bots. Discuss.

Are you saying the situation outlined in the OP is not proof enough (if we take it to have happened as described?)

Sorry sir, we weren’t aware that you had an opinion on the matter. We’ll send out a memo and ensure that all ganking efforts are stopped henceforth. Once again, our deepest apologies.

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I’ve looked into this, and we can just ignore Hazen and keep ganking.

He appears to be irrelevant.

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