Emerging Conduit botting Prevention

Those of us who run Emerging Conduits might know this problem. The bots, sitting in a rattesnake with no primary weapons fitted, and piloted by a 2 days old toon. They will sit there and hog the site, which can be frustratinig if you are trying to have fun with friends or just getting fat stacks of isk. So here are some prevention CCP should put in place to prevent these bots:

-Make triglavians hate drones more lol (even if this will frustrate rattlesnake pilots and gila pilots, it is better than having bots abuse emerging conduits)
-Make Conduits accessible by only the first solo pilot or first fleeet that warps to it.

I do not have more ideas, if you have some, drop them in the comments.

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I normally hunt their mtus, so I break their isk income for a while. It’s fun and I get the 4mill DED reward plus their loot

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I was watching a praxis doing something like this.

Unfortunately they auto scoop mtus as soon as you shoot them. But you can salvage the wrecks ok.

Best counter is to probably get as many characters on grid as possible and syphon the rewards,

Bump them away from MTU then?

Should work. I usually run around in a frig though.

Never saw them tractor mtus. Those can be just players who don’t want to talk

I really like the idea of making the conduit accessible only to the first fleet that warps in, though there would need to be a timer or something to release the site to other fleets or something.

Also, make sure you report these bots - I’ve received emails for a couple dozen reports I’ve sent out that CCP took action.

And while it isn’t a real solution, it is relatively easy to deal more DPS than the bots and just get access to all the wrecks - in fact, you can even use their drones to mop up after you’ve dealt enough DPS to own the wreck :slight_smile:

smartbomb dessy their gecko.

Maybe have it so when you land at the conduit it pulls you into abyssal space rather than trigs jumping through. And it only pulls the first ship / fleet to land. So any bots / anyone who is too slow will end up at an empty site.

No changes to conduits themselves needed. when I saw those bots I just killed their mtus, and finished the site while he tanked the triglv for me :sunglasses: very lucrative and fun activity

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