Just got high sec Ganked, CCP suffers financial loss

So I’m running conduits in high sec. A fleet of Destroyers come in and kill my Rattlesnake in high sec. Here’s the problem. Since I got ganked and don’t believe you should get ganked in high sec. I’ve closed my Omega account and stopped buying PLEX and DLC, which adds up to about + $150 per month. So the message is this CCP, I dont mind losing ships in null or low sec, but in high sec you shouldn’t be able to gank an expensive Rattlesnake fit with a handful of cheap Destroyers and ruin someones game. Therefore, I no longer support CCP financially. And no, I’m not rage quitting, I’m just not paying or supporting a game that allows this type of behaviour in high sec.


If you’re running conduits, you expect some reward for doing that activity but , if there was no risk, the loot would be worthless - the market would be saturated.

Shiny PVE ships have been gank magnets as long as the game has existed. You can protect yourself by flying less valuable ships or simply build an occasional loss into your business plan.


T2 fit ftw. OP, don’t quit tho. Eve is a great game.


I am finding more and more 5-20 days olds characters in Rattlesnake doing conduits with Gecko out. I tried to bait them on suspect but could not break their tank with 900 dps and 2 large neuts. These sites were a huge mistake. They provide easy and decent isk with no need to travel anywhere since the sites respawn in 2 minutes after completion. I see one player doing it in almost every system I travelled. It starts to be as unhealthy as the bot fleets mining Ice in highsec. It is good that players are stepping in to do something about it.


High security space has little danger.


I agree, ganking has been in this game forever and that is hard to change. The only solution, that I can think of, is to give us better insurance on ships, so we are not at a total loss. This would allow us to recover more easily from a gank situation. Right now the gankers are the only ones who benefit. Unless CCP gave us better ship insurance.


Bye rage quitter! You won’t be missed! :slight_smile:


You had one omega account but payed $150 per month but still had to do PvE for ISK?


*quotes Nicolai Serkanner*

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I believe there should be a “don’t undock what you can’t afford (want?) to lose” part in the tutorial. Losing a free rookie ship doesn’t count. It would maybe prevent some people from flying 40bil officer fit navy ravens in L4 missions or packing everything they have into one ship and moving it trough low/ null. Makes for a funny killmail but that’s a player lost.

high security =/= absolute security :3


I think that’s called posturing

gerund or present participle: posturing
behave in a way that is intended to impress or mislead.
“a billionaire posturing as a hero of the working class”


Quite simple really, you’re playing the wrong game…


But you’ve been paying and supporting a game that allows it since you started paying them, it’s not like this is something new. It just finally happened to you and now you are butt hurt about it…it has nothing to do with the fact it’s allowed in the game.


Imagine that, the OP’s a hypocrite!

Who would have thunk! :open_mouth:
I’m genuinely surprised! :open_mouth:

He didn’t give a single flying ■■■■ about it …
… until it happened to himself!

Evil gankers! GRRRR
Evil! :angry:


Stopping playing/supporting/whatever a game you don’t like is fine. I guess that’s also why you chose to play EvE instead of some other game in the first place, isn’t it, i.e. because those other games you tried first weren’t what you wanted either, right?

I’m curious, though… Did you think there was a problem with those other games and posted in some forum about how you were unwilling to support them too, or did you just go look for some other game that you might like better instead?

Here’s the problem, indeed. Not that you got ganked, but that you chose to play a game that you think should be something else…


I spent the isk on large skill injectors.

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The conduit sites are usually overcrowded. It is hard to find an empty spot to make isk.

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That’s nice

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This is the first time I have ever posted in a forum.

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CCP has an exit survey you can fill out to explain why you quit subscribing. After so many fusses in the forums over ganking, I can’t imagine they still bat an eye.

Any company worth its salt is going to value their customers, but it is important to bear in mind to which customers you’ve aimed your product and keep true to that audience. You can’t please everyone. Any decision you make is going to cost you in the form of some people who disagree with that decision. This is unavoidable.

The most likely reason for posting on the forums I can think of is to misrepresent one’s self as an example of a class of people greater in number than what it actually is and in so doing force the change that person wants.

I like to do the emerging conduits, when I have the time and motivation for them, but I do not fly a super expensive over optimized ship for the purpose. The ship is within my budget to replace, and I genuinely enjoy the content I’m partaking in. If anything, I find the idea of professional farmers leaving the game to be encouraging, as it means the content will be less monopolized by people who’re just doing it for the money in the most boring fashion possible.

I don’t have anything against people who want to do that. Different strokes for different folks and all that, but if we’re going to agree that people can have their own preferences, we should also agree that Eve is a game that appeals to people who have certain preferences and who deserve a game they like to play as much as you do.

If your tastes change, or you find the other games get a bit stale and want something different, you’re welcome to come back. Your character will still be there. For me, the catalyst ganking is what is left of Eve’s core values in highsec. The continuous nerfing of highsec aggression hasn’t, in my opinion, made the game any better or more entertaining, but quite the opposite. I don’t know if I would play the Eve you would prefer, and my money is just as good as anyone’s.