Hi Sec Ganking... problematic!

3 times I was ganked in hiSec inside a week by the same gang of gankers. Ok so it’s what they do, they don’t care it’s how they have fun ruining someone’s day destroying their nice boat, and then your toon that you might have expensive add ons. I see no profit it in that for the gankers.

Only thing to do, is play them at their own game. They use cheap ships, work in crews, gank the player that picks up the loot, but most likely you’ll get nailed by concord.

So… catch the gankers scanning. Any suggestions on fast frigates/destroyers Caldari type please… are welcome.

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Seems careless. What attracted them to you?

How will that help?

More detail, please. What were you flying/hauling? What was your fit? Did you try (after the first gank) to make any changes? You can help here.

So uh you flew thru Uedama 3 times in a row?

With stuff?

And they are the problem?

So after you got ganked, you did not adjust your playstyle but got caught by the same gang two more times?

Maybe set them to red so you can avoid them next time?

Also you should usually be able to get your pod to safety if your ship gets killed by making it warp away immediately after ship death.

This doesn’t work with autopilot I guess …

Nice… Butthurt? They operate in a handful of systems, avoid those if you can’t handle them.

You had a lot of bling and very little buffer tank. That’s fine if you’re slippery. But if you get caught, that’s all she wrote.

Anyway, feel free to hunt gankers if you find that fun, but they’ll keep on ganking you as long as you present yourself as an attractive gank target.

BTW, if you want to get into anti-ganking, you might want to check out @Githany_Red 's group.


Also won’t work if they’re smartbombing pods :wink:

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