Gankers fleet, first time seen this configuration

Escaped a gankers gate camp in Niarja but just, the usual set up with a Machariel acting as bumper, and a faction cruiser (Asshumi), and Gnosis, a rattlesnake and 3 Dominix, so what confused me is that they we’re using Dominix’s and that was bit weird, however they all were in the Gallente milta with negative standings.

And that is what confused me, 3 doms (actively reping), the cruiser while the faction navy attacks the cruiser, yet nothing attacks the repping doms, I thought that flags you as criminal, strange way to camp a gate looking to gank.

First off, They were not looking to gank. Gank implies sacrificing your ship to kill a target. Your ship will be killed by Concord.

They were camping a gate looking for War Targets or Cal Militia members. There is a subtle difference. They were not planning to sacrifice the domis and rattlesnake to concord.

As for the tactic, well… If the domi pilots do not have negative cal standings, faction police should leave them alone. It may (I doubt this) be considered an exploit but I don’t think so. As for the best counter… Blackbirds and jam the domis. Then let the faction police kill the cruiser.


Well, maybe an opportunistic gate camp, that Machariel flew fast and straight for my ship (frieghter), but I got into warp before the bumping could happen, also they were actively scanning freight carrying ships as my alt was watching them.

Then the mach may not have been part of the other group. Or it could have been more complicated… Domis and such for valid targets. Mac and friends off scan to gank. I just don’t see why people would use 3 domis and a rattler to gank given the cost for those BSes.


Exactly, it was confusing but it is also why I decided to run the gate, wasn’t carrying any high value stuff, all together maybe about 200 mil and change, I do this just because I lower the risk, can’t stop those looking to just blow stuff up, but for profit seekers it helps.

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Incorrect, “gank” and “suicide gank” are two different terms, your thinking of “suicide gank”. Ganking means using overwhelming force to kill someone with little to zero chance of them fighting back or escaping. The OP used the correct terminology in this case.


the mach camps that system, your not the first one, but a rattlesnake and 3 rep domies wouldn’t gank, the domis might but if they had blasters

no in many MMO it is a very sudden death by 1 or many that come from no where, its used in several MMORPGS where someone pops out completely owns you, usually used in terms with stealth characters that focus on nothing but dps.

In eve the only ganking is in high sec because if you go outside of highsec most of your deaths are going to be groups anyways, eve terms vary slightly due to our culture.

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