A passive gank?

Went ratting in a hi sec system in a triglavian conduit area. Saw someone piloting the same BS as mine (Praxis), but couldn’t see what her weapon of choice was so after awhile I realized; she was smartbombing! In hi sec! So not being a pvp guy I still couldn’t resist, just cruised over until I was caught by a blast. Insta Concord, I scooped the loot, turned out to be almost a BILLION! Faction smartbombs, armor, resistance plating, cap battery/rechargers. Don’t smartbomb hisec, people! BTW I never fired a shot, so, killrights!


Gz! So, don’t forget to come back later for a second round of nice loot :stuck_out_tongue:

Seen something like that twice, but only once I was fast enough to get in range, but not that spectacular loot.


I did that once in Jita on my alt, two frigates were dueling each other near the trade hub station with smartbombs so I went near them using MWD flying my thief heron and one of them got the CONCORD treatment, the other noticed me and was quick enough to turn off his weapon so was vigilant enough to survive the incident.

The loot was unimportant the 'splosions was fun and also the guy’s reaction as he added me with negative standings. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Out of all places they thought this is a good idea next to the hub. :thinking: :smiling_imp:


I remember two occasions a t3 GCC’d against me.

One time was long before killrights. I was stealing tags from some mission runner who whined so much, whiteknights showed up. One of them had the bright idea of shooting at me.

The other time was when I was tanking ■■■■ in Hek like there’s no tomorrow (dual xl-asb rokh for fun), with tons of people shooting me at the undock. This guy started shooting me after my suspect state ran out, without him realising. He only saw everyone else still shooting.

For 250 million ISK I’ve promised to not sell the KR or hunt him down.
I’ve kept my word, of course …
… and bugged him about it every other day for 30 days straight. : D

Too bad nowadays we’re opt-in adults only.

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