CCP- Fix concord vs smartbombs retaliation attacking gankers!

If you are ganked in highsec and use smartbombs on gankers, and concord comes to kill the gankers. concord gets hit by your smartbombs and kills you to!


If im using smartbombs to defend myself and attack the gankers, why do you kill me?

Absolutely broken mechanic.


Absolutely broken compliant.

What if I dont need concord?
What if I just want to pvp the gankers with smartbombs?
What if concord wouldnt get hit stupiditly by my smartbombs when Im pvping?

What if concord didnt exist? What if I could play eve without concord? wtf is concord doing in this game?

heres the example:

gankers show up
gankers die
loot gankers ships
(now concord is on grid and I just wanna keep going with my usual businesses) concord gets hit my my bombs

I die.

How stupid is that???

Another entitled whiner…

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I can see some logic in this complaint. If Concord is godlike-immortal-all seeing-all powerful, then CCP could logically eliminate the consequences for attacking them. We can’t even scratch their paint, right?

Correct so if you can’t follow their laws or use weapons correctly then don’t use them. It’s really that easy…

So now gankers need concord to help them kill people?
how low is the rabbit hole!

TIL using smartbombs in hisec is very smart. :smirk:

So what are you going to do when gankers have a noob alt warp to zero on you at the same time they gank you and your smart bombs set concord off that way?

Don’t use AOE weapons in hi-sec unless you intend to be concorded.

Low effort bait is low effort. (yet again).

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