CCP - Give us an option to choose if WE want concord to defend us or not!

Concord isnt always welcome, and many of us would like it to go.
So to make it fair for everyone,

Give us an option to choose if we want concord to defend us or not!


Example, I use smartbombs to counter ganks
concord shows up and kills me for bombing them and everyone else

what fun is this???

I dont want concord to defend me, I dont wanna see concord in my overview!!!

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Just leave high sec.



How about a compromise? Concord will still protect pilots under 30 days old, but not after that - people can defend themselves after 30 days. That should be a simple fix. Everyone can be happy with that.

What do you mean? What isn’t funny about people trying to fight the ‘ebil gankers’ but end up inciting concord themselves and probably losing sec status to boot!

Low effort bait is low effort.

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