Is there ANYWAY, to hit someone with smartbombs in highsec without being concorded?

Without being in the same corp
Without being at wardec with a corp/alliance

Is there anyway I can use 2 smartbomb alts in different corps hitting each other without concord intervene in highsec?

Or is this not a possible mechanic in this game?


edit: Can we have fleet free to attack like in a corp, option?
Or is this too hard to code?

You can have 2 alts smartbombing each other in HS if they are in a limited engagement/duel. Or of if one of the alts is suspect/has SS -5 or lower then the other one can attack first and that will create limited engagement between the 2.

But if any unrelated party comes close - both your alts will be concorded.

You could Duel them that starts a limited engagement timer which will last until neither of you have attacked each other for 5 minutes.
But if anyone gets in the blast that is not a legal target you get concorded

So yes if you are planning to bomb NPC’s you could do it by duelling the other player ship.

Well both of ur answers are on point but obviously, theres a lack of mechanics for smartbombs.

Why cant CCP make a fleet option to be allowed to attack other fleet members?

Like in a corp?

Primarily because it would:

  1. Shut down all existing public fleets (eg. boosting Orca opens fleet to public access to provide boosts. Someone joins and Fleet Commander sets free fire. Suddenly either the Orca is being attacked, or mining ships in the fleet are). It would become a huge risk to join a public fleet.

  2. Bypass existing mechanics (ie. Duel) where both parties agree to be in an engagement before it starts. If a fleet can be set to freefire, then that puts all of the power in one party only. The other party doesn’t have a say.

  3. Be used to bypass the “no friendly fire” setting of a Corp, so even Corp fleets become more of a concern for people to join (eg. highsec indy corps often have many different people that start fleets for the corp. If the FC can set the fleet to free fire, then even if the Corp has no friendly fire possible, awoxing through a fleet setting would become possible again, without most people expecting it - though I don’t see that as a bad thing, many would)

I personally would love such a mechanic. Not only for webbing alts to be able to web freighters without a duel, but because it would also provide opportunities back for the scoundrels in the game, as many of the mechanics that used to be available have been removed over the last 5-6 years.

Yet the original ‘friendly fire’ incidents that awoxing is named for… are still possible.
Because awoxing was originally done in low sec.

Which has nothing to do with this thread. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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You brought up awoxing and complained that people ‘couldn’t do it anymore’.
So… it has plenty to do with your post.

In the context of this thread. It’s not difficult.

Awoxing has always been more a nullsec thing and still is. Lowsec also. Wormholes too. But none of that has anything to do with this thread.

Staying on topic shouildn’t be hard.


Then don’t go bringing things up as a complaint if you are going to complain about someone answering that complaint.

I didn’t bring it up as a complaint. The OP asked why couldn’t a fleet free fire mechanic be introduced (for highsec to avoid CONCORD - see the title of the thread for explanation) and I answered that. I wasn’t complaining.

Nor was I even referring to awoxing specifically. I think my reference was to scoundrels, and fleet free fire wouldn’t be Corp specific, but fleet specific. Not necessarily awox related in many cases, but still not a great idea for CCP to introduce, even though I personally think it would be great.

Of course, being you, there’ll be no acknowledgement of that. Just continued ignorance.


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