Noob question here

If you are in a high sec fleet and one of your fleetmates accepts a duel from a third person out of the fleet, is this person legitimate to open fire on the entire fleet?
Thanks in advance for any replies

pilot out of the fleet cant without getting concorded exception being you are all wardeced by him

pilot in fleet cant without getting concorded exception being you are all in same corp with legal friendly fire

safety to green for good measure.

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TYVM this thing puzzled me a bit, but now is clear

NP assisting any of two pilots will get you suspect flag

Not gonna lie, I think such 'n option could make funny things happen.

A long time ago the way fleets used to work was that if corp A and corp B were at war and joined a fleet together then everyone in the fleet was able to be aggressed by everyone else. You had to not take fleet invites from randoms otherwise you would likely die.

My old corp mates would get into this state purposefully and sit on a safe off the Jita undock. inviting people who undocked there to fleet then fleet warping them to the safe where they would find a small fleet waiting to kill them.

I’m all for non-consensual PvP but this was a game mechanic not working as intended so I’m glad they fixed it. Of course, it still works in nullsec, as it should!

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