Fleet friendly fire toggle

This would be incredibly helpful for everything from hs tournaments to friendly webs across hs and ls.

FW would definitely benefit from this where things as simple as firewalls or using sb to screen drones can have disproportionate penalties of working with people outside a single Corp.


It would also allow for a new type of scumbagery. I love it.


More people need to get on board with this.

No P2W


Indeed. Even with an opt-in notification with a bright yellow warning :warning: notification that says, “CAUTION: FC has turned friendly fire on. Opt-in to accept friendly fire,” some folks are still going to click through the message.

Oh well :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Honestly I think I need someone against the idea. If people like it or are indifferent the post loses activity and falls into the forum void.

Grumble grumble stupid idea… grr

Does that work :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s quite hard to argue against.


Yeah, hard to argue against, however there could be protracted development struggles working with crimewatch code for out of corp entities.

There’s also the question of the extent of the FCs toggle capabilities. While yes, you do consent to pvp when undocking the consideration becomes is there more value with player fleets to;

a.) simplicity and trust on one hand with no or limited fleet member opt-in prompts for a change in friendly fleet fire or

b.) a system of opt-in checks to make sure everyone is on-board (either before joining the fleet or if toggle is switched mid fleet) for fleet friendly fire, and FC and fleet members can see from fleet browser (with a little icon) who has accepted friendly fire?

Side B sounds like a lot more development time. The point of discussion is are side B’s safety checks necessary?

All-in-all an intersecting balance between development time, player tool empowerment, and GM time spent replying to CCP implementation of the feature. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

As for toggling it. I think a notification when joining a fleet and a notification of it has been toggled would be fine. If you wanted to be safer give a 30-60s delay. I don’t think people using this for “honorable” means would be affected much by that.

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Find a way, I believe in you!

It’s a bit too easy to gank people this way by sending them a fleet invite in high sec.

I mean, if even (experienced?) capital ship pilots regularly get baited into joining a fleet and get fleet warped into a trap, what stops people from repeatedly invite players in high sec in seemingly expensive ships to kill them without CONCORF intervention?

It makes high sec ganking easy, too easy perhaps as it isn’t even suicide ganking anymore.

That said, I think it’s a great idea. I just wanted to give one counterargument.

If people are accepting random fleet invites while ignoring warnings about friendly fire, that’s a good opportunity to learn. Better now in your Marauder in high sec than later on when you undock your titan and still accept random fleet invites…

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Not really sure if this is necessary, honestly.

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True, you shouldn’t really be flying with people outside your Corp in empire.

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