Sec status jurisdiction (Not faction standing

Oh I see.

You are pretending you dont know what an OC is. Thats cute.

No i don’t but the fact you think im dishonest says a lot about yourself.

Like with how in ED Sec status only affects stations. Then you.change your mind and it doesn’t but you can outrun the police there? which one was it? XD

The problem with our society. Parents with so little interest in what their kids are consuming : /

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No, I know you are. You gave it away a little while back.

Those arent mutually exclusive conditions.

And suggest random forum people get added to their child’s contact list. Thats sick.

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Not really

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Faction Police
Faction Navy

3 different law enforcement official groups in Empire space. You break a law, concord will get you.

If your sec status gets too low, ANY Faction POLICE will come after you, but you can avoid them or fight them.

Faction NAVY only cares about the faction standing with that particular Faction.

Consequences for your actions. You wanna do something evil against other players, you shouldn’t be safe from Leo going from caldari to amarr.

Think of RL federal law, you can’t leave U.S. and be totally safe in another country. Sooner or later, your actions have to catch up to you.

If you want to be safe, go to space that has no laws (null or wh)


Did you mean you can’t leave a state and be safe in another state or did you mean international law.

Because without extradition treaties you can actually be relatively safe.

And yes this only only because this is a more interesting conversation than going in circles with the op


I was going to say state to state, but recently the wiki leaks dude was arrested and Snowden isn’t totally safe either.

O.o when was this last I heard about a year ago we were still trying to extradite him.

He’s not in U.S. custody but he is inprisoned
Criminal status: Imprisoned in HMP Belmarsh
reason for being blocked from extradition: The British judge ruled in January that Assange was likely to kill himself if held under harsh U.S. prison conditions.

anyway, i digress and made my point to the OP about the sec status vs fac standing situation…

Oh I read your post wrong I was thinking of snowden.

its all good

You’ve clearly never parented a teenager XD

I wasn’t serious. Im not surprised I needed to point that out to you XD

No you don’t. Im not dishonest.

Look at you trying to recover with “They are not mutually exclusive” You flat out disagreed XD

Raised my brother my sister and my two sons.

It’s not hard to take 30 minutes and check in on what games they are playing or what movies they are watching.

Mute point. It’s pretty much impossible to monitor every little thing they do online.

Had an issue with wierdos on discord with her mincraft though so she’s banned from that XD

Not really most isps provided plenty of tools to check in on those sorts of things. Even let you flag types of sites. So your not outright blocking them but you’ll get a notification and can look more into it.

Im still disagreeing.

Having the cops after me doesnt stop me doing anything at all, its utterly inconsequencial.

Not being able to use Station Facilities stops me doing some things.