Sec status jurisdiction (Not faction standing

I had the idea that if you commit a crime in a factions space, it should be tied to that faction space jurisdiction.

For example if i kill someone in minmatar space, my sec status will be lowered in their space because it is in that factions jurisdiction. Then when i fly back to Amarr space, my sec status will switch to my sec status relative to my activity there. Essentially you would have a different sec status depending on what faction space you are in, dependant on your crime level there.

The goal with this idea is to make hs space a bit safer for pvpers and gangkers. The pvpers and gangkers would have safe spaces to go to if they manage where they commit crimes, rather than a blanket sec status in all areas of hs. You could basically kill as many players as you want in on factions hs and then go home safely to another factions hs where you have not lowered your sec status enough to be wanted.

So you could be 3.7 in Amarr space, -10 in Minmatard space, 2.1 in Caldari space and -5 in gallente space. You could still raise your sec status as usual where its negative or you could even be -10 in all of hs if you’re criminal enough XD So rather than a blanket -10 for killing people, it would depend on what faction space you killed someone in. A bit like state lines in Murica.

I haven’t thought this through completely, but i like the idea. I think this is the correct place to post?

This is not a need that needs to be filled.

So you’re scared that pvpers and gangkers will be dictate where they are wanted as a criminal rather than everywhere in HS? XD

People like yourself would still be wanted everywhere don’t worry XD

What, exactly, is the gain here? It’s not like outlaws have trouble navigating HS - they already know how to move around safely. And it’s not like the NPCs are refusing them services based on their sec status.

For this to be meaningful, there would need to be a full overhaul of the systems for both sec status and faction standings (because let’s be real, factions have every reason to care more about what a capsuleer can do to help them than they do about capsuleer on capsuleer violence).

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The gain is in the OP.

I don’t see a gain. It’s not like CONCORD would stop attacking people when they break the law in any given system, regardless of the player’s sec status, and it’s not like the sec status as is creates a significant obstacle for player activities.

You cant see a gain in sec status changing from being the same everywhere you go to depending on what space you are killing in?

You can’t see that or wont see it? and it wouldnt be based per system, it would be based on the faction space you’re in. Concord working for that faction in that jurisdiction let’s say.

From a game mechanics perspective, I don’t see a functional benefit to this change because the impacts of being an outlaw are easily managed in any part of HS space.

In addition, it would remove the intentional independent functionality of Sec Status being a CONCORD (cross-empire) setting that is distinct from faction standings.

You have failed to articulate what benefit this will provide to outlaws that they are not able to obtain through other, existing means - and, posting from a non-outlaw character, that suggests you are trolling rather than speaking from experience as someone who lives with sec status impacts on a daily basis.

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I mean I’m not scared of anything besides needlessly changing a system to be more complex than it has to be. I’m already shot in hs this wouldn’t change anything for me individually

But if your only defense to your idea is attacking the people against it guess that speaks for itself.

Is it really tjat complex though XD

No it’s just needless and more complex than what we have

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Attacking people? XD

You’re saying it’s not needed. That’s not really a point is it. The game isn’t needed but here we are.

Well for me as someone who will be branching into pvp and gangking etc, it would be useful. Your sec status is already screwed so i can see why you’re not interested XD

For me personally, It doesnt make sense that i go to another factions space, will kill a load of people, then come home to Amarr space and my sec status there is still the same.

It wasnt Amarr space i was.killing people in, so why does the crime carry over there? i think that should change.

If people want to, they can kill people everywhere and be -10 in all space if they wanted still XD

Your inability to understand the lore behind the mechanic isn’t a reason to change it.

None of the empires want to deal with the fallout of unchecked conflict between clones. To that end the use concord to discouraged any of them with such a disposition from hanging around civilized space.

How many different ways do you want to tell me you just want it kept the same?

I get it.

But i dont think you get it. We are talking about concord sec status here. Not faction standing.

It’s really not that hard to grasp mate XD

There would have to be more consequences to being an outlaw before this would be a potentially meaningful change. As it is, low sec status really only has two impacts: 1) whether CONCORD reacts to what would otherwise be illegal aggression (not in a duel or war) against the person who has low sec status; and 2) whether FacPo eventually shoots at people who idle near them in space.

  1. would be a PITA to code across faction space, adding a ton of complexity to the system and increasing server strain as it has to re-evaluate sec status and resulting security flags (perma-suspect et all) every time a gate or wormhole or filament or whatever is jumped into a region held by a different faction.

  2. this would actually remove gameplay from the outlaw equation and that’s never a positive progression path. Right now outlaws have to maintain a positive relationship with players to get access to tethering if they want to remain in space without FacPo eventually bapping them; take away this impact and they don’t have to collaborate with anyone anymore - a net loss to an MMO.

Give me a few mins to digest that.

You’re the one who doesn’t get it. The factions banded together to create CONCORD specifically to govern capsuleer on capsuleer violence across all of high security space. Why would they start chipping that back down to local relationships only?

Ok but wouldnt it also make hs more appealing for pvp seen as you’re not stuck with a blanket sec status? It would make it safer and less sweaty for outlaws as they could be well behaved in some space and naughty in others.

How much extra strain would it put on the server?

I do get that. And why cant that be changed? things change over time.

New lore - Somethung like concord forges new conteacts that are specific to empire space to lighten the workload.

I dont think tjat really mattera either way seen as ccp is removing some lore from creation screen last i heard.

I cannot speak for how much extra strain, only that it would be extra strain, because it is additional server-side calls that have to be made (sec status is a non-client-side function).

If you want to play a criminal, you have to live with criminal consequences. Since capsuleers do not belong to factions, the factions have no reason to treat one criminal nicer than another. It doesn’t make sense for them to not be worried about how dangerous you are just because you did your killing elsewhere- you have still demonstrated a willingness to break the law and they don’t want you causing damage in their space.

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