Empire Faction Standings and Player VS Player Combat

I’ve lived in lowsec for a decade, so am used to the harsh penalties for living their, as the “Quality of Life,” changes for the last several years believe that low security space, simply doesnt exist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But with the SP given to newer players, and the rush to get them into combat as fast as possible, there is now an influx of them entering Lowsec, which is kind of a problem, as every engagement with 1 usually ends up having the empire faction that their NPC starter corp belongs to, wack you with multiple standing hits per fight.

Lots of us had to grind 8.0 for jump clones way back then, so when I realized that I couldnt even do a lvl 2 mission any longer with any of the empire factions, when I had level 5 access standings with several corps in each, for years, it kind of pissed me off honestly.

Especially since the only positive thing low security space has are the level 5 agents…

Realizing in the last 4 months ive taken soo many standing hits that I need to start worrying about my empire standings so that im not kill on sight do to them and not my security rating, was kind of shocking. From a player that has never accepted a security mission against an empire, or engaged in FW, this is kind of bull.

Back when eve was hardcore, these things had a place, but can we get rid of this sillyness already. Living here is becoming an active punishment.

Lowsec is suppose to have disincentives against just attacking everyone to provide a tiny bit of safety to players moving through there. You are suppose to suffer consequences for shooting newbros that wander into lowsec and haven’t done anything to you. If you want consequence-free PvP, you can go to nullsec or wormholes space, or join a faction and fight honourably against the other side.

Come on, man up - you’re a pirate! Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time. Yaaar! :pirate_flag:


“There’s too many victims and I’m taking faction hits”

We can fix this for you, name the systems :skull_and_crossbones:

His issue is that if you shoot someone in an NPC corp you take a standing hit to that corp. In my opinion, that’s utter garbage. Gameplay-wise, it’s dumb to lose both faction standing and sec status because you shot someone in an NPC corp. The disincentive to just shooting everyone should be the sec loss. Lore-wise, since capsuleers are independent from the empires why should they care if someone in an NPC corp takes a few missiles to the face?

The “quality of life” updates to other regions and the influx of newer players and returning players in NPC corps has made this particularily nasty for lowsec pvper’s.

The standing hits are pretty rough, trying to keep up with them is a full time job, and due to logistics and distances, one I cant even stay on top of. If this isnt going to get changed at all, can I at least have my SP back for things like R&D agents n such, as the stand hits make them impossible to even use in some areas. Missions have always kind of been lolz, but im not sure what they are going for here.

If missions are the Lowsec End game pve content, then im supposed to live in lowsec and not pvp if I want to go this route? its very confusing and makes very very little sense. Basically we just need to find the right dev to pay to become Collateral Damage. Then we can make some progress.

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