Eve Online Pirates and Low Sec

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I would like to take some time to talk about low security space for a moment in eve online. Low security space is one of those area’s that has always been there but really has not done to much in eve over the many years.For the most part no one is really interested in that area of the game out side of transiting through it or visiting it as a refuge from more lower security sections o the game (capital pilots visiting low sec).

The main residents to this part of the game are what the players refer to as “pirates”, or a set of individuals that pvp and kill people transiting through the area for their loot (YArrRr!).

Pirates have always been one of those things in eve that are really interesting. There is some ways that this career in eve could potentially become very fun and immersive to the eve experience.

Pirating Experience In Eve

We should change current primary empire’s ownership of low security space to ownership of pirate actions. So for example, some of amar low security space should be given over to sansha pirates. In these new pirate founded area’s the rats should be unique, specific to the governing faction type.

This will help make the area more pirate-immersive and may provide a future to make low sec area’s unique from other generic low security space which may encourage player pirates to inhabit them.

I also believe that the reputation system should be changed to more quickly apply opposite standings when actions are taken against a faction. This would mean that losing faction standing with amar would grand positive reputation to sansha and or all other amarr based pirate factions (for example).

Lastly we come to the topic of these “specialized” low security “pirate havens”. These locations should be the only locations that Pirate based ships and modules can be bought possibly even by LP store. All faction based pirate ships should be removed from the primary markets seed rotation (yes they are seeded).

Lastly we should look at adding specific modules that are only capable of being fitted on these pirate ships that are non-lethal but instead are intended to steal cargo from the player (a new module called “Transporter”) that randomly removes cargo from a players cargo (chance to succeed) that requires close range.

Some special conditions will need to be applied to this like if the pirate can fit that in his cargo hold (other wise the steal attempt is ignored) or a condition that would only attempt to steal cargo that can fit in the pirates cargo hold. This would mean also that pirate ships should have more tank, more stealthy, and have more cargo hold and perhaps gun resistance or improved web and warp scramble ranges.

These ships should not be able to fit lethal weapons on their ships and pirating should change to stealing as opposed to killing. Killing should be reserved for traditional ships that are being fitted in ways to gate camp. With the advent of these new cargo-theft technology, pirating does not merit the need for lethal ships and being in low security space should not be more about losing what you earned there then your ship. With this new technology the potential of losing valuable isk by destroying a ship go’s away, helps improve low security space’s activity by decreasing its lethal factor, and makes pirating really funny and fun.

Note: These new technologies (and potentially ships) should only be usable in 0.1–0.4 space. They should follow low sec specific rules like nullsec and wormholes follow the rules of allowing unique types of warfare (like bubbles) other wise we will dilute the value of these changes and potentially change the nullsec meta)

Low Security Experience

When it comes to low security space we have a big topic out side of pirates. One of the biggest issues with low security space is pirates gate camping. By changing their gate camping to more about stealing, the low security space becomes less “Dangerous” for players ship and more about not getting “robbed”.

this being said we need some credit earning potential changes to low security space. Lets start by adding more “sites” to low security space similar to how null security space provides ratting encounters, so low sec should also provide a significant amount.

Mining can be increased by simply making spud, dark ochre and other similar minerals common place in all belts as opposed to being rare. Additionally adding some ice belts should not hurt to much.

Lastly we come to an important topic which is gas. Gas mining and production is one of those things that is really not doing so well in terms of its career path encouragement. There is a lot of sigma and difficulty getting into this field and all the work for it was wasted due to this reason a lone. As a result, we should look at adding gas sites in low security space that work and function like belts. this will help move gas into a main stream career path for eve and help balance out the economy behind it.

tldr No one lives there, no one uses it so lets have some PvE there


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I actually like the idea of whoever blows up the most stuff in X lowesec system gets to own it. The rest of this is crap though tbh mate.

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