Eve Changes, Part 2: Low Security Space Validation

Its no secret that low sec has been a big issue all of the history of the game. The truth is that low sec is designed for new players to gradually progress into nullsec, or that is the general mentality, however that has not actually ever worked well.

The truth is that design format is really not working in motivating drones of people out of low, and oppressing high sec players by making it so unbearable they want to leave high sec (like a lot of null players want) is not a good option either. the truth is this mentality is killing the game, Eve is not here to fuel nullsec BS, its here with options to be a sandbox to do many things in, and high sec should be a COMPETITIVE Option.

So, what we learn is that nullsec will need to obtain concorn, or sitting in low sec should have significantly more serious punishment assigned to it to allow it to function like above. If we look at the deterrent of why people dont go to low sec, the answer usually is pirates. Imo, in my history of even i find real low sec pvpers to be some of the better pvpers in eve (even over null) because of the constant skirmish (< 100v100man) type battles. This gives them a massive advantage over new players.

So the solution here is to remove pirates from low sec, or make them being there something temp, Or to take away their desire to kill people.

It is for this reason i have the position that pirate ships should be assigned to conditions, namely, ones that are standing and reputation based. That means converting all pirate ships into requiring a - sec status for example

Pirate Frigates: - 1.0
Pirate Destroyers: - 1.5
Pirate Cruisers: - 2.0
Pirate Battle cruisers: - 3.0
Pirate Battleships: - 4.0

In addition to this, i believe that a status should be applied to pirates that kill or destroy ships, and that concord now reacts differently to the current security system.

Concord will no longer kill people with <5.0 security status, but will now enable players to attack them in high sec.
A new system will be given to players which will measure how many ships they destroyed, and if this progresses to - 5.0, then concord will actively hunt them, including in low sec. This has a high decay rate reducing -0.5 standing each day after a day that no ship was destroyed.

In addition to this, pirate ships are now changed to have a new module and benefit from this new module. This new module will give definition to pirate ships like cloaks to covert-ops. the entire set of pirate ships will be built around this concept.

Pirates will now be able to fly around and use this module to steal things from cargo, however, this will only count as a suspect actions and will NOT trigger concord in high sec, or low sec, but will drop security status each time the action is done and enable players to freely attack them.

This will return piracy to pirates, and removing the griefing aspect from them causing low sec to be a safer place for players (but not totally) and provide a new gradual system for players to progress while helping out both high sec, and low sec in validation and safety.

Just stop.
This post shows a lack of either research, or a desire for yet more changes without regards to the effects such a massive overhaul would have (nuking the game, making 1 ship type into an I-win button in all PVP unless you have the hard counter, and then it can choose not to engage most of the time in the case of the other 2 recent threads.)

This will cause every faction hull to have to be scrapped entirely, as now there are only 2 lines with bonuses remotely like what would be needed to effectively use this module, and this module is super overpowered if you have this and an instalock, making acquiring high value cargo a guarantee if someone is using a fast but not quite instawarp ship, since your own changes mean this is still permitted in highsec despite your “well, highsec needs to be nerfland where no players can directly hurt each other, except by theft”

And it refrences 2 classes of ships not extant (pirate battlecruisers and destroyers)

Or you can create a counter-teleport system like that with warp points and stampoints, but for teleporting strength. Additionally if it is an ewar classified module, immune to ewar type ships can block it natively.

I never said this. Just stop with your bs “sucide is the only risk/form of pvp” its not true, and your being a troll with repeating it.

Or you can create a counter-teleport system like that with warp points and stampoints, but for teleporting strength. Additionally if it is an ewar classified module, immune to ewar type ships can block it natively.

Ah, yes. Let’s now add another system to fix the problems with the first total change to a system which is working acceptably to fit your vision, and screw anyone who say, likes the concept of using a nightmare, a pirate hull, against the Sansha in Incursions.

Its called counter-play. It is torally normal and healthy to do such things. Or are you saying that Ewar should not have its respective ewar types because they are “just designed badly”?

These are napkin based idea’s that need testing, and iterations done on them to find the best way/conditions of doing it.

since you are ignorant, i will inform you that is what “game development” is.

changing pirate ships in this way will help npc faction ships and will cause a redic amount of immersion and roleplay potential and do that while solving a long-existing set of problems in the game. that is good for eve, not bad.

No, I am saying you literally had to add a system at the first glance at the system. That also isn’t “counterplay”, but a gauge of a type which doesn’t fit the themes and trappings of the game, which changes one of the major rules of the game. All abilities are otherwise a function of ship, skill, module, or implant. Now you suggest adding a gauge that isn’t any of these. And a restriction which doesn’t make in-universe sense given the time that it hasn’t been in place.

You also are negating major investments into flying pirate ships, and breaking several people’s enjoyment of the game on the pirate hulls alone.

Also, you are negating the entire current concept of lowsec as where pirates dwell to allegedly help new players without any well laid out reason that this helps new players. You make pirate ships less useful, negate people’s investments, make pvp a limited activity, and provide no actual incentive to lowsec, just allegedly make it safer by breaking PVP and pirate hulls.

Starting off your post with wrong information in the SECOND sentence. Amazing.

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