[Proposal.] Make Low sec a place PVP for All

This subject has been visited and re-visited many a times in the history of eve, yet i still have the hope, someone someday will throw more support behind it.

The suggestion is simple:
Make concord disable weapons and drones for all Caps in low sec space.

I would like to se low sec return and become a place were non cap, and non cap fleets can roam and fight one another with out the fear of “death by pewnage caps.”

there needs to be a “less law” place for PVP corps who whants PVP but not, Cap warfare or the insane amount of isk it cost to run and obtain.

This will allow younger players, and less ISK heavy org’s and corps to venture on to the pvp stage.

It will allow for a huge impact on avalible content for the non cap pilotes and corps out there.

ofc. every cap pvp’er , Isk heavy org or corp prolly wouldnt like this.


And completely ruin Lvl 5s. One of thew few things lowsec has going for it.

Lvl5s were never intended to be soloed with caps.

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Fully Agree, on that @Ildrara

I just feel theres a lack of content for the PVP and risk driven PVE’er who aint a cap pilot.

Theres a lack of possibilities, wich makes the curve to have a sustainable player experince for sub cap Pilots in smaller corps way to slim and lacking.

Faction warfare as well, would i think, have a grand in-flux of people should they do as i propose. Since the low sec content and player experience would be open to a wider range of corps and players.

And just to clairfy, i my self am a cap pilot.

while Eve has evolved contiually, the PVP exprince in EVE has been declining for smaller ops and PVP corps.

In basis, Eve following current path, will loose out on subscribers or alphas, due to the Content avaliability for sub cap players and corps that arnt CAP ’ pvp’'ing.

at current, if you whant PVP. You will need to either have a corp with Caps’ og Cap back-up for any meaning full succes.

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Remove the ability to go in to seige and deploy fighters in low sec and the whiners will become legion. Instead of the days of constant cloaking threads it will be capital whine threads.

There is nothing you can do to push risk adverse players in to risky situations for a profit they won’t receive because they believe they will die in a fire.

I own caps and supers and IMO nothing is more pathetic than hot dropping neutrals in low sec.
Others don’t share that opinion which is fine, but they must understand they are only contributing to the wasteland that is lowsec.


Make it pvp for all by stopping some PvP?

Seems kind of something very different to PvP for all.

It is PVP for all

Caps and super Cap abel corps and orgs, have TONS! of 0.0 to bolster around in and do their…stuff…aka…they get a TON of game content for their play style.

PVP 4 ALL - AKA also give chars, corps and orgs that are sub CAP class ships a place were they can roam as well.

ATM. Caps rule every aspect of low sec an null space… why not give sub cap players a playground as well, to have thats extra contet for these players.


That may be true, but that’s how they’re done now, and a lot of people enjoy doing them. There’s a healthy system of risk vs. reward going on. Pirate alliances make most their isk off of lvl 5s, and conversely, lvl 5s are one of the few ways for a solo vet to make a lot of isk. The pirates gank the solo players and and around and around it spins. It just works. There’s a quiet community of people doing them and enjoying the ■■■■ out of them. Also, incursions do a better job of fulfilling the original design intent of lvl 5s.

I’d like to see the evidence that backs that statement up.

That has never been the case and lowsec is a mecca for small gang and subcaps, especially factional warfare systems.

Aridia is the only region of lowsec that even comes close to a Capital dominated play ground, but that’s generally Capitals killing other Capitals.

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I think the killbords dissagree with u on that.

and there is a certain semantic about CAP dominanse. in my opinion, the precense alone and
of fighters, carriers and dreads i lowsec, makes people stay awaye.

low sec is a wasteland, compared before cap became commonplace. and back then, there wernt half as many players as there is now. Thats says alot. I remember quite clearly in the 2003-2007 era, the evolution of low sec or rather devolution. But i do think the biggest change i experienced was in the 2007-2010 period, were cap’s suddenly became somehting you would gate camp in, on a low sec gate and quite common at that.

Low sec is a PVP place for all. You just have to make it through the gate camp… ez


Then post the analysis you’ve done of them.

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Go and join faction warefare. There is only a very slim chance to find a capital ship.

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Your prolly right about its the ‘least’ cap dependend game play, how ever i see more then enough of Caps in my every day low sec drive threw’s.

from gate camping dreads’ with sub cap guns (guess, since i dont know their fit.) to freaking
carrier camps on gates.

All me saying is, let the caps have 0.0, the sub caps have low sec…

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Well… Molden Heath is riddled with capitals.
It’s either miners being ganked as usual, or capitals being dropped on PVP fleets.
I have lived there for some time until a few moths ago.
I can tell you that the old players want to do PVP and Fleets, but abstain from it, as the chance of being hot-dropped by capitals is so high. Every full moon there might be a decent fight. but the rest is either cap feeding or simply a lack of other sub-cap fleets to fight.
Last time I was in a 9 man cruiser fleet, we got dropped by Super carrrier, carrier and a Force Aux.

Tell me that hasn’t a cooling effect on the general willingness for smaller groups to do PVP in low. It casts an ominous shadow over the region, depriving the systems of life and willingness to fight battles. Low sec, outside FW, is like a ghostly image of it’s former PVP glory.
I cannot remember the last time i saw rolling fleets through Molden Heath… Pre/during Dust 514 I think…

I’ve seen a flippin Titan gate-camp in Molden Heath. Just… What the [advertiser friendly] hell has low sec become?

i think whats needed is more counters. hell ccp are nerfing ships that already have lots of counters and yet what do caps have for counter play? drop more caps or an inhib that takes 2 minutes to anchor?

perhaps warm up times for cynos, dunno.

Well, they clearly have a counter - drop 30x as many stealth bombers on them /s

might be fine for one or two caps but when you get dropped by 10 dreads and a handful of supers your gonna have some issues fielding that many bombers…

Lowsec is the reason why the best pvp is in HS

No caps, no cynos, only skill and preparation