I offer Idea for CCP - how to reanimate PVP, Old & New Pilots, Alliances, live content in Faction War Systems

Hi CCP, Old and New Players!

Not so long ago, I raised the topic about the fact that there will be no content with the arrival of capitals into the FW systems, many alliances and corporations will go away not only from the FW but also from the game, which is what happened, as usual my subject was defaced by neutrals and those who were engaged in destroying the whole content.

Now we have a lot of bots, alts who are twisting beacons or making FW missions and that’s it.

Today I’ll Offer for CCP little plan / idea or some things that can help/reanimate FW.

  1. You closed novice/small/medium beacons from ships with stabilizers - it’s only one and best thing that you’ve done for last year, but the next stage - close it for venture, and another - if your ship has stab.'s and you are in large beacon - the time shoudn’t go…
  2. Titans and supers can’t stay and be in FW systems - as like as all Capitals in high-sec systems.
  3. Any neutral player (who is non FW corp or NPC member) in FW systems should be in suspect status and all FW members can shoot him, and SS of FW member does’t change. Centry guns on gates or stations automatic shooting them if they shoot any FW member.
  4. Neutral players can’t dock in NPC stations in FW systems. If you want it please choose one of FW side.
  5. If you put citadel in FW system and you are a member of neutral corp or aliance, your citadel automaticaly has -50% on all resists, guns and all other modules. And you can’t in one day create corp in FW and put your citadel, at least your corp/aliance should be in FW one month.

I think after these changes a lot of aliance, corporations will back to FW and there will be a lot pvp and grate content. Everyone who was in FW and not use only it for farming ISK pls leave comments and support the idea.

Best regards, Nik Frost


Putting more restrictions on people being in lowsec for PvP is not how to re-animate PvP. You want more pilots in lowsec not less. FW is only one facet, and the main reason people joining is not for PvP but for ISK farming.

Though the idea of banning supers and titans from FW space sounds interesting.

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Good idea but they will sabotage it as any other good proposal.

Chase more players away from low sec … excellent idea!

I think his post deserves more attention than a one liner.

Like, he’s not wrong with some points. Making plexes less likely to get farmed by botters/RMTers is a good thing. Less, or better no titans and supers in lowsec also would be a good thing. Not quite sure about the rest, but I see the logic behind it.

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I asked people like you, who was not in FW do not answer in this post! If u neutral player - fly with special rules and law in FW, like in high sec., that’s it. Now any FW member has less power in FW systems then neutral player.

not away man, only special rules for neutral’s, and only in FW systems, low sec is big and dead, all neutrals are hunting for a few players in FW, but FW players try to kill bots and other illegal FW members who make isk in it…

You people who keep posting your ideas for fixes and improvements are wasting your time! Nobody at CCP gives a crap anymore or is listening! Devs/employees who had the love and passion for the game are already gone and those who remain are simply earning a paycheck and working off their agreed employment time during the buyout transition phase and they too will eventually be replaced by their Korean counterparts and or their positions outsourced to the cheapest bidders… I love Eve as much as the next player and it pains me ti say it, but Eve will never be Eve again! Our game was sold to a Korean mmo meat grinder! Its done! Eve is/was one of the baddest games ever created and ill always love it for what it was and could have continued to be!

my philosophy is: if you are legal player you can’t earn isk in high sec. for capitals, in FW systems (some part of low sec systems) you can’t earn isk for supers and titans ||||| may be in low sec. systems - not FW and 100% in null sec you can… and there you have infrastructure for it

hope dies last, let’s believe that this is not true and the CCP will hear us… pls, guys offer your ideas here how to destroy bots, reanimate FW, PVP and change it for back us, because FW was one of the best pvp content and a life in EVE

You are not inclusive, but want to penalize playing other styles than you like to promote your little niche FW. This will not attract more people to FW at all, this will make lowsec only more empty.

I’m convinced people don’t join FW on their mains because you then restrict your play to exactly this one niche forever, this is boring.

Scrap the permanent faction standing penalties while in militia (keep setting you to -10 for opposing while you are in), plus make it possible to jump in and out without leaving your current corp, and the FW system will be flooded with PvP players like never before.

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Instead of giving neutrals less power in low why not give low sec fw players a buff while in a fw system? More incentive to join, I agree on removing Capitals from low sec, they are killing the game and need more restriction’s / nerf’s. 1. is also good.

We are FW player’s we don’t need trading/ manufacturing bonus’s in FW space we need combat bonus’s for being in the system, but then to make it fair enemy militia will need to receive them as well even in enemy space.

Actually to make it more interesting, there is 5 levels a system can be upgraded too, so:

100% bonus would be equal to: 50% tracking increase on gun’s/drone’s 50% increase in explosion radius for missiles.

Level 1: 60% bonus’s to enemy militia / 40% bonus’s to your own militia / 0% bonus to neutral’s.
Level 2: 55% bonus’s to enemy militia / 45% bonus’s to your own militia / 0% bonus to neutral’s.
Level 3: 50% bonus’s to enemy militia / 50% bonus’s to your own militia / 0% bonus to neutral’s.
Level 4: 45% bonus’s to enemy militia / 55% bonus’s to your own militia / 0% bonus to neutral’s.
Level 5: 40% bonus’s to enemy militia / 60% bonus’s to your own militia / 0% bonus to neutral’s.

This will make it so if your lazy and leave your system at level 1 your enemy will be harder to remove from taking it, if you put effort into it, it will be easier to defend it.

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I have no free time to answer people like you , you and like as you are write here because it’s good for you or your bad things in EVE. And you don’t care about FW or their members at all, pls do not write here anymore… you don’t understand what is FW… and you wrote all that i didn’t touch… so goodbye

because in all other systems that are not in FW - all theirs members has this power

I don’t think you understand me.

I can post where and what I want. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are wrong and ignorant, your proposals touch my main style of play negatively, so I will not keep silent about your ramblings.

Is your style of play blobbing capitals onto small people by any chance?

I read your first words, so keep going and offer some ideas, it’s good and better then only negative here )

you wasn’t in FW, and you are neutral, awox etc… my ideas 100% will back players to FW - pvp content and life there will raise!!!

Question to whom? My style of play is a bit solo pirating and mid scale fleet roams. I’m not doing anything with capitals. With the OPs proposal go through, FW area will be dead of victims to hunt.

A PvP ecosystem for working has to concentrate people on a small area, not spreading them out. FW needs neutrals.