I offer Idea for CCP - how to reanimate PVP, Old & New Pilots, Alliances, live content in Faction War Systems

I do agree with concentrating people but for that people need incentives to be there in the first place.

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Exactly my point. Make FW more attractive for “weekend warriors” and most of the issue is solved.

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One of my main problem’s with FW is that I can earn much more isk doing mission’s than plex’s by about 10x which is horrible, pvp should be rewarded more, if they remove missions all together thing’s will cost more and people doing combat in plex’s will earn more and if they can remove bot’s the earnings will be a lot more too and then boom more incentive more people more pvp.

90-99% pvp in FW now from neutrals, had it back FW or their members? what are u talking about go out from here and do not wast our times and do not break our ideas… kill korean or chines bots…

I think a better goal than trying to ignore neutral player’s or make them leave fw space would be to make them feel it would be better for their alliance to join FW themselves and increase the FW population.

one of the great idea - any neutral is potential pirate, so killing him - you will receive some isk in any case…as like you receive bounty from killing rats

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The problem with bounty, is that it create’s isk inflation, I prefer LP even from neutral kill’s.

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ignore it, because neutral is not a member of FW, so the bounty system from killing FW opponent is good now, you receive LP from it.

Why not just remove fw plexes and make faction warfare universal. Amarr/Caldari vs Minmatar/Gallente anywhere all the time!!! Add certain key control systems within high and low sec which would add certain bonuses to the faction who controls it,etc… Null sec would remain the same with whatever alliance enforcing whatever space they control. Add a few safe systems within each empire where noobies could learn the basic mechanics of the game before jumping into the rest of Eves universe. Put a skillpoint cap in the safe starter zone and you have to buy omega status to be able to access the rest of eve once you reach the skillpoint cap… Goodbye alpha bots and the bs war system! Problems solved!!!

It won’t help - you offer variant as in null sec and close it for noobies or alpha… not good and touching changes in all game… my idea will back alive FW members and oldest who leaved game, and if they will back - bots can’t plexing because there will be a lot of live FW numbers in all fw systems…

1 - You closed novice/small/medium beacons from ships with stabilizers - it’s only one and best thing that you’ve done for last year, but the next stage - close it for venture, and another - if your ship has stab.'s and you are in large beacon - the time shoudn’t go…

my thoughts

2 - all ships should low and med slots filled to run a plex timer

3 - the delay on plex gate activation is to long - way to many pilot are now camping the plex gates - there is enough camping in game already - it like spawn point camping, it sucks for good game play

4 - i think any FW pilot running a plex should not get a sec hit when engaging a none FW pilot in a plex

5 - i think any FW pilot running a plex should not get a npc/empire standings hit when engaging a none FW pilot in a plex

6 - there should only be only be 3 LP tires in FW drop tire 4 and 5

7 - FW pilots cant dock in any npc station in enemy empires high sec systems as well as low sec

8 - FW corp should have option to set LP tax rate

9 - the FW LP stores needed to be balenced

10 - the FW npc should be fixed so they dont shoot the same FW pilots IE when i see caldari state ships in a gal FW misson they should be my alies and not shooting me

11 - shooting FW ALIES should give the pilot standing hit with the FW side you are joined with i.e. example shooting FW cal mill while in amarr FW you only lose cal mill standing not amarr
it should be changed as shooting FW allies is awoxing

12 - all safety containers should have option to contracted to another char

13 - meta 6 weapon systems should be able to use T2 ammo - as they are above meta 5 tech 2 weapon systems

14 - any 1 owning a citadel should have the option to block npc corps from docking there like you can with player corps. as i dont think it right that a FW corp cant block enemy FW npc corp docking. like Federal Defense Union scum
it pain having to set every pilot docking rights from that corp

15 - moblie depos should have fleet hanger option that can be turned on and off

16 log and messages needed fixing has not worked right since ccp changed it


бред в большей степени, может в лоусеке никому не летать?

The_Baracuda if you have no ideas, use FW systems only for making isk and twisting beacons for both sides (gal+cald) pls do not write here anymore!

This as a side benefit will hopefully bring some life back to the other trade hub’s as It feel’s like Hek/Ren’s is kinda dying.

Although people probably will just use a jita trade alt + courier contract’s to move stuff.

Yes. Stabbed fits/ships should not count any timers.

Wouldn’t mind this myself, however it’s a bit heavy handed. Capitals (of any kind) are not allowed in the majority of sites and even the one site they are, they very rarely appear. They get used for ihub bashing and structure bashing.

If we remove supers and titans then I’d also like to reconsider the structures you can set up in fw. I.e. No keepstars.

I’ve never understood this though i have seen it a lot from fw players.

Neutrals add to the content of facion warfare. We shouldn’t be pushing them out. Maybe going suspect when they enter a site (smaller than large) but not just for entering system and certainly not constant harassment from gate guns.

I have a different idea.

Make it so there are a few neutral stations in fw, the rest belong to faction warfare. Anyone can dock in neutral stations, maybe even hostile militia no matter who controls the system. But they have no repair service.

The faction warfare stations can only be docked into by owning faction warfare players.

Structures can only be anchored by faction warfare corps/alliances that control the system. Neutrals can never anchor structures in fw space. Any structure that was anchored before the system was flipped to the other side goes into low power mode with no tether, or a new status called ‘controlled’ which is like low power but with no tether.

Or maybe tethering only works for controlling fw players (less any groups they want to deny because infighting is cool). Which includes the above anyways.

This is better than heavily gimping them or buffing fw players to obscene levels just becuase you’re pissed off they hang about.

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about structures - good, only for FW members who are owners of system, I mean about fraction. For supers or titans you can put keepstar but can’t dock and be in FW systems… so one of the reason of dead FW was Titans and Supers , they destroyed all infrastructures and all aliances/corpes who lived in FW…as example - You can put Keepstar in high sec. For about neutrals they didn’t bring content they are coming in FW and searching content here, because in theirs systems no content no pvp theirs systems dead and uses only for making agents missions , mining i mean about low sec that are not in FW. So if i’m in FW i must have some protection, and my SS shoudn’t decrease, centryguns shoudn’t shooting me… it’s good that neutrals come to FW and live here, but they are pirates here not members of FW and they shoudn’t have more power then FW player

Titans and supers are not oppressing fw. They just aren’t. They can’t access most of the content that fw is.

Keepstars certainly could though. And no they shouldn’t be allowed in hi-sec either.

No. You are very wrong about this.

They are content themselves. So when they travel through or roam fw they are bringing the content.

What’s the difference between fighting a fw player and fighting a neutral? Whomever shoots first goes suspect? I don’t understand what is so awful about suspect.

So don’t engage neutrals on station or gates.

They don’t have more power.

What makes you think they do?

My SS goes down when i shoot any neutral, and it’s terrible, but in null sec nothing ? why? Neutral can dock in NPS station but i can’t in anemy FW system. FW systems and mechanics was made for factions members, for neutrals you have low sec - non FW systems and null sec or high sec, but if you want come to FW you are guests or pirates that’s it… so please do not mix all different mechanics in one. When I touch any neutral in high sec - concord will kill me, when i came in null sec, i can’t dock in any stations because there are not here only in NPS null sec systems. So pirates can’t be a majors in FW… only FW members. I confirm pvp with neutrals and different styles and fleets or gangs, solo etc., it’s good, but if you are neutral you shouldn’t have more power then me as member of FW.

One liners is my thing.

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That was very inspiring.