I offer Idea for CCP - how to reanimate PVP, Old & New Pilots, Alliances, live content in Faction War Systems

The goal yes, his idea as a fix, no.

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It was designed around the mechanics of faction warfare, but that does not mean it is just for faction warfare players.

Suspect and security status loss are trivial. Or if not, let them engage first.

You keep saying this but don’t explain what you mean?

Sure. Can’t say there’s much room to argue.

Still … OP is actually a good OP. There’s QUITE some language barrier here, but it’s noticable that he actually tries really hard. I also like how it’s clear that he really puts some love and hope into this.

He’s got my thumbs up for being a good person, who suffers from a few misunderstandings here and there.

@Beethovensmith amazing words as always. I really like all your points.

I also like someone’s idea about suspect timers for going into plex.

Venture ban sounds good too - not that I see any.

My “original” suggestion is that frigates should not be able to cap large plexes. If a Destroyer can’t get into a novice nor a battleship into a medium then I feel there should be a BC/BS only site. Maybe a Large Outpost rather than whatever the other beacon is. Does that make sense?

I think also a player and fleet cap in plexes. Only a certain amount of ships can slide in, and a cap on said ships from the same fleet. A way to diminish exploits would be to hold that pilot onto his fleet with a similar mechanic to wars and corps. You can’t simply drop fleet to circumvent the plex entry. The server knows you were just in a fleet that has already filled its quota. I feel like this will force a fleet to either wait outside, or simply send reinforcements in should their fleet members die inside. A bit like hole control in J-space.

I agree with the tiers in FW. Simply increase the margins slightly and bring them down to 3. It would make looking at things so much easier than the current 5135241341415242514142 horror. Maybe a heat zone like on the ingame PvP/ships destroyed map. (On this note, the jump map needs to be changed).

Hmmm what else?

Oh yeah. If a neutral is constantly chasing an FW pilot, stopping them completing plexes, then I suggest after 5 rewarps, the FW pilots receives a 10-minute invulnerability window vs the neutral pilot(s). This would NOT be aplied to opposing FW factions. Obviously.

I also like the person’s idea of tiered benefits system. 40/50/60% buffs and debuffs. These seem quite high, I know were only spitballing, but something like 5/10/15% buffs to all resistances? 10% damage increase? I think I prefer the buffs because then a pilot can just swap an Invul/EANM for a mag/heat/gyro/DDA etc …

On the most part, I would go back to FW for many of the reasons many people have listed here. I don’t believe giving a buff to FW pilots ahead of neutrals is a bad thing. I think it will refill the warzone.

I am against capitals being removed from lowsec. I do however consider the tier approach. If you’ve earned level 5 then you may undock and use capital vessels. For whatever reason, who cares, they are far too easy to buy now.


They tried this in resource wars. It was awful. Too many things to think about. And often ends up with players ‘sitting out’ which is the worst possible thing you can do to group play.

It works with instancing like abysmal because you have to decide there and then how many are in fleet, they all have to join at the same time and everyones on the same side. It falls apart when you can have more than one group trying to get into the same site.

Say your limit for your site is five and two groups of four on the same side trying to get in. How do you decide who goes in? What about fleet comps that are built around logi and their logi doesn’t get in? Can i troll friendly militia by repeatedly screwing the sites with alts?

How many neutrals can get in? So i can have my militia group plus some friends in an alt corp inside a site and fight the enemy 2-1?

No site number limits. Ever. Resource wars was the perfect example of how not to do it. Abysmal space is the only place where such restrictions work.

What the ■■■■?!

This will almost surely lead to less players in LS FW systems not more.

Players will simply move on to another system, constellation, region.

People simply won’t put up said citadels.

I see your intent, I think. That these things will lead people to join FW. However, if people wanted to join FW they join FW. Trying to impose it on people will most likely send people to areas of the game where they do not have these constraints.

Edit: Another option is to quit. Some players might say, “Well, I was having fun doing my thing, but now I have to do this thing I don’t want to do…so ■■■■ it I’m out.” Never forget that this is an option too.

Thanks for replay, but for about capitals we speak only about supers and titans - ban them in FW systems, not all capitals - only Titans and Supers. You can’t earn isk in FW systems to buy titan or super if you are legal player, only if you input a lot of real money in game or you have a lot of accounts … so why do you think CCP removed all capitals from high sec… the same happened in low sec FW systems: some groups from null sec (neutrals) brought theirs supers and titans to FW systems and destroyed all infrastructure with corporations and aliances. You can’t defend citadel/fleet/system from titans and supers in FW systems…

what happening now? these neutrals still in FW systems with theirs titans and supers, they have put a lot of citadels in all FW systems. And if you will put in any systems your citadel that worth more then 1bln - it’ll be destroy… SO the bosses and owners of FW systems now neutrals from null sec and all of you know theirs names… so it’s bad that a lot of aliances leaved FW and game too - now FW dead (we have fights here only with pirates or chines and neutral bots - just look at our killboard)…

so we see a big problem only in FW, the other areas in EVE have good mechanics, to solve this problem, CCP should make first changes:

  • ban titans and supers in FW systems and remove them to any low/null sec;
  • close ability to dock in stations for neutrals in FW systems (you can dock in only on friendly citadel);
  • remove changing SS of FW members, when they fight with neutrals in FW systems;
  • remove ability twisting any beacons in FW systems if you have ship with warp stabilizer

I really want that people will back to FW, because it’s better then fighting with neutrals and theirs alt’s with awox. It’s not intersting i can make it everyday not being in FW, i want that fleets to come back, gangs, covering systems, fighting with 100-200 members on beacons…

Remember neutrals don’t bring content in FW, only FW members that’s it. Thinking why they come to us every day in FW systems, why they hunt here, because in other spaces no players, only crabs or big ships with a lot of alts and bots… it’s boring…

That’s a bit mild…how about what in the holy mother ■■■■!?!

SO guys , Who in FW right now, who do not use it only for makeing isk, or was in FW and leaved it pls, write your minds and offers or ideas for CCP, I belive they are reading us and hearing us! Neutrals pls do not spoil this post!!!

Wut? Now you want to limit the responses only to people who are in FW?

Yes, because a lot of problems are in FW right now and this post is from FW players to CCP, if you will be in FW and see theirs problems you can debate, otherwise i don’t care about what you think and why are u replaying here. The same in real life, you should be involved in some area to offer some changes or resolve some problems or have special education, that’s it. So if you are a FW member or was pls, offer your ideas

How about you just GTFO then.

This is an MMO that is a sandbox. As such people can go where they want and do what they want. Your proposal basically turns that view on its head and that is just not within the spirit of the game. HTFU and learn to deal with non-FW players or just move on to another game.

Do not mislead people, Troll!
None of my proposals in any way forbid or limit any pilot in anything!

You are kidding right?

That is a limitation.

Seriously…just move on to another game. You clearly do not understand EVE.

Can i dock in any object in null factions system? - nope , beacuse there are no nps station, can i dock in Gallent or Minmatar station in FW systems if system belongs them - nope!! SO , do not agry me troll!!!

Why neutrals can, then bring theirs supers and titans from null sec and destroing everything… so you can ask your friends to open docking permition in any citadel, so there are no limit to any pilot, the same rulls

Do not send me to other game, if you don’t have ideas do not write here troll!

NS is not LS. LS is empire space. NS is either held by PC alliances or NPC alliances. In the case of the latter anyone can dock there. In the case of the former those stations are now all controlled by the alliances that control that space. In FW the FW members do not control the space or the stations, the empires do.

Thus, neutrals can dock in those stations just like in any other system controlled by the various empires. Now, if you wanted to make the case that the opposing factions could not dock in an NPC station you might have more of a case, but that was not your proposal. You want all neutrals to prohibited from docking. That is clearly a limitation.

And LS systems are not there simply for FW. They often lie between HS and NS and provide a very helpful staging systems for those who want to invade and attack NS regions. By limiting who can use various systems you might very well be reducing PVP vs. reanimating it.

Neutrals can bring their supers, titans and capitals into LS because they is how they move around. This is one way of promoting PvP…which you are seeking to reanimate. Problem is you are looking at things from one viewpoint and not all viewpoints.

now we have reality FW area dead - only neutrals and bots are flying here and making isk 24h/d (and a few FW players who wants change smth and belive CCP will hear us), why null sec aliances destroyed everything? only for making isk here and RMT , that’s it! so I don’t want to destroy this cool game but people like you want! They don’t want changes anything if they have benefit or earn on it

man - you do not need me to explane mechanics of this game. I play in FW more then 1.5 year so do not trolling here!!! Go away with your supers|titans|bots and 10-20 alts with only two hands, troll… Speak with all FW members you will hear the same and a lot of problems… so it’s my last replay to you

Look, if you want to try and revive FW fine. But in doing so you should not punish those players that are not causing a problem for FW.

Think about it. If a neutral is in system and is neither helping nor hindering FW why should his game be nerfed? That is what you are suggesting. That is bad game design. Why not let that player benefit from the various aspects of those systems. He isn’t harming FW…he isn’t helping it. So nerfing his game seems wildly out of whack.

By limiting various types of ships in FW system you limit say a fleet moving through to engage in PvP in NS or some other LS system. Why is that a good thing? Answer–it isn’t.

I get that you don’t like people shitting on your preferred activities in game. But harming those who are not dumping on your preferred activities is not the answer.

And hiding behind RMT and botting claims…that is the last refuge of the incompetent, IMO. It means you have no more arguments.