I offer Idea for CCP - how to reanimate PVP, Old & New Pilots, Alliances, live content in Faction War Systems

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Second what does that have to do with anything? That i might kill various people at various points in the game is wildly different than doing things via Dev Fiat.

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update to my thoughts

One of the best improvements CCP made regarding the Faction Warfare PvP arena was to close off the Novice/Small/Medium plexes to ships with warpcore stabilizers, yet Ventures seem to still enter, and stabbed ships still have access to Large sites.

My thoughts to improve the Factional Warfare PvP arena and resolve some currently flawed and exploited game mechanics:

1- If a ship has a stab, it doesn’t count towards the plex timer

2- If a ship does not have low and medium slots filled it does not count towards the plex timer

3- Activation of the plex site gate is too long, resulting in yet another (of already many) camping opportunities.

4- Any pilot who enters a plex should gain a sort of “suspect timer” and be free-to-engage while inside regardless of alignment or security status, thus: Engaging a none FW pilot within a plex should not result in standings or security status loss

5- There should be only 3 LP tiers in Fac-War, not the current 5, to reduce any possibility to throw the LP market off balance

6- Fac-War enlisted pilots should not be allowed to dock in NPC stations within “enemy” faction High-Sec space

7- Besides the optional LP donation towards a system I-Hub, Corps enlisted in Fac-War should have the ability to set an LP tax that is channeled into a selected I-Hub (added tab in Corp managment window for Corps enlisted in Fac-War)

8- Some LP stores are currently better than others and a balance need to applied (biased?)

9- Fac-War NPC Corp stations should also provide refining/manufacturing to their Militia only

10- Either every Fac-War mission or no Fac-War misson should have Scram/Web Frigates in them, not only Caldari and Minmatar (biased?)

11- Fac-War mission NPC’s should not shoot at players enlisted with that same faction. This will make Fac-War missions make more sense and add a factor of PvP to be considered before running missions like a bot while enlisted. Fac-War should mean Faction Warfare

12- The I-Hub bonuses should be reworked to be" 4% to NPC bounty pay-out and 2% ore/ice refining yield per level. This will make mining and ratting more tempting and creating more potential PvP battle-grounds.

13- Shooting any Fac-War ally (a Cal-Mil shooting an Amarr-Mil) should result a standings loss with both allied Factions (loss of Amarr and Caldari standings)

14- Player Owned Structures owned by Corporations enlisted in Fac-War should have the option to prevent entire enemy Faction from docking

15- Damps should have the same rule as ECM, so that the source of damp can always be targeted (while within the original pre-damped range)

16- Meta level 6+ weapons should be able to use T2 ammo since T2 weapons are meta level 5

17- Drones that end up beyond control range (they remain engaged on target untill target is killed) should not be able to be recalled or reconnected to untill within control range again

18- Mobile Depots should have an option to turn on/off a “fleet hangar”

19- Security Status of - 5.0 should prevent docking in High-Sec NPC stations

20- “Logs and Messages” is faulty and requires rework since:

20.A- Info requested to filter out still shows

20.B- Info requested to filter in fails to show

20.C- Weapon Type fails to show

20.D- Faulty display of information in general

21- Safety Containers should be Contractable to another character

22- Player Owned Stations should not permit any player to deposit items inside without docking

And finally, the CCP saying “ISK vs Risk” is no longer fully true. Hopefully the above would start the way back towards the original intention of this saying.


That’s awesome! Warzone for warriors, unsolicited civvie access makes them suspects :slight_smile:

I am strictly against that. Do you really want to haul everything yourself from Jita?..
Unlike helping FW that will kill it - after all, we need supply lines, and you shall know it pretty well that hauling yourself under war is a very unwise option.

Also supers ban isn’t an easy thing as you can still have cynos in LS and having cynos along with restrictions can pose difficulties for many players. And banning cynos altogether in FW systems is a no go as it will disrupt JF routes… on the other side letting only covert cynos in FW can make it spicy.

Let’s make a new Abyssal FW Space and live happily thereafter xD

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Oh, I agree with this as well - there’s no life without cyno :smiley: As I myself being in FW move ships around mostly with cyno and drop in goods with JF.

Oh yes, current system was certainly a half-measure, preventing counting towards timer would work way better than prohibiting access to gates. After all, certain ships (corvettes) and capsules don’t count to the timer anyway, so it doesn’t look very difficult to implement.

I support this completely. Besides obvious deplexing, I have seen oplexing tristans with no mods at all - only drones. :rofl:

It already was instant in the past, and it was changed to be that long to prevent just sliding in. I don’t know which system is better - both of them offer certain opportunities, though as playing more a “hunter” role than a “prey”, it might be frustrating not able to insta slide in anymore when the fleet is outside, but I think I like the ability to catch an enemy more.

Or better - just warping to FW plex. No civvies allowed. :grin: After all, there are larges too and some fights are happening outside - again, against same plex gate campers. And seeing flashy neut you can guess something funny is going on around.

IMHO it’s all about VNI.

Totally agree, it’s weird when they shoot you instead of your enemy inside…
On the other hand, there should be some sort of protection in case someone will decide to make an “enemy” alt to kill them without any danger of being shot. A lot of these mission farmers are using neutral alts too, imagine they all start using opposite side alts…

Though, honestly, awoxers always will find a way, for example, making corporations with 2-3 alts of perfect standing, which I already seen happening. I think that issue should be addressed as well.

…lost drones everywhere…

Not FW, but seems very logical, pirates should be real outlaws with no access to “civil” places. After all, even secstatus repairing facilities are situated in low-security space as well.

I think that was made to prevent haul contracts collateral scam with inaccessible stations. The less scam opportunities - the better, IMHO.

PvP in eve does not exist because people are not fighting as much as they could be. This is directly related to politics in eve, not mechanics.

If you want pvp to pic up fast quickly, just reduce the block sizes.

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The tiers can remain but the margins should be reduced. Tier 1 should be a 0% change (100% payout), Tier 2 should be no more than 15%, Tier 3 should be no more than 25%, Tier 4 should be no more than 40% and Tier 5 should be no more than 50%.

Then a new ranking system for pilots who have delivered all of the following:

  1. No. of closed plex
  2. No. of FW kills
  3. Length of service in the Faction Militia
  4. No. of I-hub’s bashed
    Higher Militia ranks get privilege by giving restricted access to high end Militia LP Store items.

Then the LP stores can be reworked.

I appreciate how you want to give folks in FW systems that are actually participating in FW an edge over those who aren’t. But I feel like you go about it the wrong way; we shouldn’t penalize neutral pilots, we should entice FW pilots.

To your points:

  1. I agree that the Venture should probably be banned from at least gated plexes. I like the idea of any ship with a stab not being able to count down a large plex, but I vaguely remember reading that there were coding/infrastructure issues with doing that (which is why CCP went with the gate restrictions instead).

  2. Have to disagree here. FW systems aren’t only for FW. I could maybe see some penalties to capital ships with regard to how quickly they flip a plex to make them less appealing options though. (Just like with Entosis links.)

  3. Again, have to disagree. FW systems aren’t only for FW. Flag mechanics are complicated enough as-is, there’s no need to complicate them further.

  4. I could totally see stations everywhere, not just FW space, not allowing pilots who are at war with the station owner’s faction docking there. (i.e. No more Minmatar faction pilots camping the Amarr trade hub.) But not allowing neutral pilots to dock in FW space is a bad idea. Again, FW systems aren’t only for FW.

  5. I could see FW-corp-owned structures in FW space being buffed (or de-buffed) based on the sovereignty level of the system. That would make flipping a system before going after a hostile structure much more important. But, again, keep the neutrals out of it.

What I think may be of benefit is more of a “carrot” instead of a “stick” approach. I could see providing FW pilots with damage/application/resist buffs when they’re in FW systems (even if they’re in enemy-held systems) as an incentive to pick a side. But almost all of your suggestions would serve to drive players out of FW space, which is just a bad idea.

+1 for goal, -1 for execution.

I feel like FW will never come back. Arguably, it was the hottest place in the game, despite it’s flaws but it had too many things wrong for too long and eventually that ecosystem started to fail and the cycle of death continued and it’s not from a lack of investment or trying - Dust 514 was probably one of the biggest investments made in company history and that was pretty centered around FW iirc…

Maybe we will see it repopulate with Korean gangs when they get their own client up and running.

Yeah. More bots. Yay.

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