[SERIOUS] What can CCP do now to fix PVP in FW?

I am trying to look at not suggesting mayor game changing dev work needed but rather small easy fixes that can be done in a single sprint or small changes over say 5 - 6 sprints that can slowly fix some elements of FW to make it better.

I am sure all have their own massive overhaul senarios but let be realistic it will not happen any time soon. Its not part of the dev plan at the moment.

If you feel its not broken at all then please leave a comment as well.

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Rebalance LP stores.


Can you explain to me what you mean please? I am new to the LP store thing and focus only on PVP so not sure what the issue is with the LP balance.

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Could you describe what you believe needs fixing with FW PvP specifically?

The only thing I can think of is an old suggestion that neutrals entering a complex should be tagged as suspect so that firing on them immediately does not result in a loss of sec status.


Hi Kelza

I am new to FW space but see it as a very inactive bit of space at times and that can only mean people are not being pushed to do it or people that come here are not enjoying it and so i am just trying to find out what peoples thoughts are with issues to the PVP side of it?

I raised it in reddit as well and someone in there mentioned about the fact that there is no reason for war targets to actually engage with each other. They stated that you could contest a system 10 jumps away and have no war targets turn up to deffend it.

He suggested that instead of all the systems being capable of flipping only focus on 2 to 5 systems at a time and you have to flip that system before the next one becomes available. it allows PVP pilots to know where to go to get content and also creates a War line shall we say. He also mentioned that doing this will mean that deplexing or LP farming can only be done in those systems and also force missions in those systems.

It really forces people to engage with each other and will hopefully help with content and also help with the LP farming issue as they stated.

Im trying to get ideas like this.


I think if they could get away from timers and had sort of like mini sites to run instead? Just tossing ideas out there. Rewards could maybe be random? Chances at LP store items, actual LP…?

Ah, the Planetside 2 approach to gaining territory by pushing a “frontline” forward by capturing adjacent systems.

I see what you mean now. I saw that Reddit thread as well, lots of interesting ideas there, though many do not adhere to your “slight changes” approach to the topic.


I like this idea better than mine

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I know its a can of worms in there but its a starting point and I can start thinking of how to break it down into manageable chunks of changes.



Make Jita and Amarr FW systems.
Make CONCORD destroy any Upwell structure in FW system in next 2 months. You have 2 months to evac (temporary make unanchor timer equal to 0 for citadels in FW for those 2 months) or your base will be destroyed.
Make FW 4 vs 4 instead of current 2 vs 2.
Remove loyalty barrier for entering FW. If you want to fight for the state your -8 standing is no issue.


I don’t see anything too glaring wrong with the FW system outside of the fact it’s not really rewarding enouhg for someone like me to participate. I can shoot anyone as long as I’m willing to take the security status hit and whether or not who controls what is not an issue for me. It does not honestly matter.

While being in FW myself, the same still applied. All I cared about was LP and gaining ISK. Whether or not we took the systems and gaining the extra benefits is just too big of a challenge for me to want to do it. It got boring after awhile as I could find other means of making ISK that did not involve me sitting AFK in a plex. The same applies for me not caring to challenge enemy faction trying to plex or deplex me.

I would rather CCP focus on making low-sec more valuable to miners and other carebears. Like adding rare ore that is only found in low-sec or moving all ice mining to low-sec so we can have real conflict and real fights over the resources versus what FW is trying to do with generating similar conflict.

Should make piracy a thing again and have factions fight over real control over a system that actually produces something.


I like the idea of frontline battle areas that was brought up.

I also want more lp for destroying an enemy player over sitting on a button for minutes witch should be lowered.

Flagging anyone coming into a plex, and there does need to be something for people to want to be there. Not sure if ice would be good or not. I can see a few problems. Aka blocks would just move and kick the small fights away to mine it.

Would be fun if more “story” would be added. Dont know much of eve lore really, but ccp could run things like generals coming to inspect the lines. Perhaps an order to take a system by a date (rewards for it being done, have fw effect something in high sec nations.

Maybe, if mimatar wins the whole theater, the can take a high sec system bordering lowesec for a while. (Till the amarr armada can show up and take it back after some time.)

Just ideas. Probably none would work.

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There isn’t anything wrong with the lp stores

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Ships aren’t even remotely balanced. Cost of scrams points guns too high. For a single gun it’s several hundred tags IE dead npcs in missions designed for assassins.

There is plenty wrong with LP stores.

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Man, I keep running into weaponless frigates in FW plexes. These guys are AFK and don’t care if they die. But every time I whack them, I lose security status and standing. I lose more than they do. WTF.


Thats why there was a solution with suspect timer on any non-militia capsuler, who enters the PLEX

I beleave you have suggested a good fix with the no setup of non fw stations in fw system but this would need to be balanced surely buy increasing the distances between fw zones to enable the focused fw to have there fun without damaging the economic balance of non fw stations in non dominated systems and the forced unanchoring would also be a good suggestion however I still feel that nothing should be changed that can damage solo mission running from any npc station as most of the real good value players to the game that will share there knowledge and maintain there plex though hard grind or subscription shouldn’t be messed with many old school players only subscribe to continue this aspect of the game as they don’t wish to be dragged into system or faction politics

The farming bots are growing smarter. When a bot is interrupted, Instead of warping to a neighboring system to farm a new site, they’ll warp to a safe spot and self-destruct. They deny a kill, and get to restart farming many jumps away.

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Bots, bots, bots… Why so many people see them as a problem? They are targets like anyone else. If there will not be them, do you think you will see some real player on their place? No, you will see the empty space.

  1. Problem with FW is a lack of targets = make the war 4x4 instead of 2x2 as it is now.
  2. And give suspect timer to anyone, who is not a member of a militia, when he enters the plex.
  3. Forbid tethering or docking to any dockable structure in system, that is not owned by your militia. You still can use your neutral alt to bring you ships, ammunition, drones etc but it will be not so easy as it is now, when due to citadels system soverenity does not matter anymore.
  4. Remove FW missions. They failed as a content creators and FW low sec is a place for PvP content in the first place. Make people get LP only from plexes to motivate them sit in there…