[SERIOUS] What can CCP do now to fix PVP in FW?

(Sepheir Sepheron) #22

It’s simple. Make combat fits and attention necessary to completing the sites. Instead of the timer going down it should be ticking every time you blow something up within.

(Master Sergeant MacRobert) #23

Remove Tier bonus’s to LP - or change them to:

Tier 1 = 100%
Tier 2 = 110%
Tier 3 = 125%
Tier 4 = 135%
Tier 5 = 150%

Do not apply tier bonus’s to Militia PvP kills (balance them up again instead) and not to missions (or remove FW missions)

(Master Sergeant MacRobert) #24

LP Stores do need a fix.

Rank system needs remodelling based both on number of Militia kills and LP acquired, not just LP.

Then high level LP Store items can be available only to high rank dedicated Militiamen.

Tags for LP Store items need to be removed or made to match tags in the complex’s.

(Master Sergeant MacRobert) #25

Defending a system in a plex should have it’s own rival Militia NPC to kill. (NO venture deplexing a large)

(Master Sergeant MacRobert) #26

Citadels in FW systems become less of a problem if the population issue for FW is fixed.

ie- make it more appealing for players to return to FW and give them some long term benefits
(only long term penalty exists currently as you watch your faction standings fall with other factions - restricting your long term choices).
With greater population comes greater numbers for structure bash fleets and citadels will just be more content!

(Master Sergeant MacRobert) #27

Add another 0.1 sec system and another 0.2 sec system to the bleak lands.

Connecting Haras to new system to Lantorn
Connecting Tannakan to new system to Lantorn
Connecting the two new systems.

No stations required but optional

(Kaivarian Coste) #28

There’s a security status cost in podding bots. Unless you want to go to -10, podding bots is too tedious.

Solution: there should be no security status loss when attacking or podding militia pilots. They’re not civilians and it should help create more fights, especially against bots.

(Cryloud) #29

I dont like this idea at all. There would be even more blobbing alliances around as it is right now already. Shadow Cartel is cancer and instances like them kill the fw zone. Relates to old “blobbing cyno mechanic” ■■■■ which still isnt fixed after 6 years.

(Cryloud) #30
  1. Because we dont want to fight NPC when we pay for a game to have pvp with and against other players! Also bots shouldnt be the ones flipping/plexing/deplexing systems. People invested time in plexing and deplexing and this bots vanish that invested time. Also it pushes the playercount in local and dscan which fakes the real enemy numbers plus you would do more pvp in other systems instead of fkin defending that plexes from bots.

(matthus loch) #31

Just remove fw problem solved

(Cryloud) #32

Remove cyno fist ;o

(Zsha) #33

Just remove FW. This will encourage more to play null sec if they want to get involved in space domination style gameplay.

Remove war dec capability in high and pvp altogether so people who want to pvp need to venture to low sec/null/wh.

Nerf isk making in high sec and buff it in low sec.

Make more missions in low sec.

Create pirate missions and lp stores for pirate factions in low sec and remove militia Lp stores.

Remove moon mining in high, make it low and null only.

Do something else with outlawed sec status, pvpers punished for pvping… not being able to access trade hubs.

Do something else with bounty hunting. Make it fun.

(erg cz) #34

players, who dare to play in a way, that you do not like. Make EvE new counter-strike in space, not a sandbox !

(Flyinghotpocket) #35

They need to fix unkillable pirate citadels and let militia buy their own if they want to live in enemy space. Also make them cheaper and more killable.

Reinstate gate sliding.

Bring back the bc plex.

And as for fixing fw bots, delay local if your in fw. Bots will be exterminated in seconds if that happens.

(Rusted Valor) #36

One thing that could also be ripped from Planetside’s Faction based war system is Alerts. Basically at regular intervals during prime time announcement would go out to everyone in Faction Warfare of a Constellation to fight over. Maybe use the Agency activities and Mark it on the Map like incursions. Battle lasts for 2-4 hours, or however much makes sense . Lower the time limit to capture points during alerts and remove plex rewards to encourage faster paced combat. This will also encourage defending plexes and fighting for control instead of just warping off as soon as a ship rolls on grid. Corps participating will have to coordinate with each other and spread out to defend multiple systems. Whichever side controls over 50% of the constellation gets a big payout of LP and the loser gets 50% for participation, so even if there is faction imbalance its worth participating in the alerts and risking your ship losses to PvP. Obviously to get the payout you would have to actually capture a plex, engage in PVP, or be part of a fleet that has done so (for recon pilots) to qualify and not just sit cloaked afk. Also give much larger LP bounties for killing another player during an alert to encourage PVP. The bigger the ship, the higher the payout, like Rat bounties. If multiple ships on the kill mail split it up among the players participating like bounties. This way solo kills are worth allot more, but big fleet play is also viable.

(Nevyn Auscent) #38

Go read the Mer. Highsec does not need nerfs of any sort. It needs buffs. Yes lowsec needs big buffs too, but stop trying to use highsec as the whopping boy for everything.

(Zerbean) #39

I havent done a whole lot of FW yet, but the limited experience I have was:

  1. An astero not affiliated with a faction warping into the novice site Insp in.

  2. A duo group, with one being in the same faction I was in, and a non faction character in a navy frig, also in a novice site. The non faction aligned character kills me, and allows his buddy to dplex the site.

  3. An opposing faction member shows up on dscan briefly then warps out of system.

From the few sites I did stay at (saw an NPC wreck so id stick around a cycle to dplex), the LP gain was stupid high. I’d go so far as to say plexing in FW is a huge part of the problem (could be the times I’m online doing FW).

The FW missions I was offered were 22 jumps away, with terrible reward for the time Id need to invest (although I’m still gonna give a few a go, I’ve got more T1 frigs to lose).

Maybe it’s just me, but thinking FW would be a great entry into PVP, it’s a bit rough when my month old character is going up against pirate and navy hulls in a novice site… sure I expected to loose a lot of frigs, but I also expected similar hulls vs similar hulls… the bonuses of a faction navy comet vs a rifter? Huge gap.

If FW was designed to introduce people to PVP, it doesnt seem like it was well thought out when stat bonuses between ships have a huge disparity and are allowed in the same sites. Shouldnt any advantage be based more on how you manage your mods, and the skills you trained?

Of course this was all solo… maybe I’ll have a different outlook if I bring a friend.

Honestly with all the talk of bots, I was expecting to find a few so I could at least practice cycling my guns, and use my ship mods lol.

Lower LP gain from plexing, raise for destroying another Fw pilot, limit people entering sites to FW pilots only, limit hulls allowed to T1 only, no pirate/navy (at least in novice to encourage 1v1 frigate fights).
I also like the idea for warzone front. could tie that into the FW missions.

(Kaivarian Coste) #40

^ Solo pvp is always going to be more difficult for newbros. Try to build a specific fit that’ll counter a particular faction/navy hull, and start from there (use zkillboard.com to look at common fits for particular hulls, then use the ship-fitting program PYFA to create something can defeat them).

An alternative strategy is to fly in a small gang, or for you to act as bait.

Or just run, lol. Denying the enemy a kill is a form of victory.

(Zerbean) #41

True, however I’m doing the content for the experience in PvP. Imho, if you’re running a novice site, it should be for actual novices, and scaled down to only allowing T1 hulls (no faction/navy), so it’s more equalized.

Working on trying to get a few people to roam with, ideally I’d rather roam with a few other frigs, destroyer or two and have fun with some other people. This first time going out, was more to get my feet wet, make sure I knew which modules did what, and how quick my cap would go out (absurdly quick in 1v1).

Still had fun overall even if I lost 1/5 of my net worth in less than 12 hours. Lost 2 sets of +3 implants before I was like “So that’s why I should use a jump clone…”

Cheap lesson compared to some implant value.

(Sugar Smacks) #42

I just wanted to share what I heard a streamer who I virtually only ever see in losec, Jebby, or you might know him as EvElog. I just don’t figure he is going to come on here and share what needs to change but he has on his stream so I guess ill just move the ideas to over here, which are his, not mine.

First and foremost he said the most important change needed is for all citadels to adhere to the old faction warfare mechanics of not being able to enter them unless you control the sytem. If you are in faction warfare you know you may not enter stations the enemy controls, and this should be extended to citadels.

Second he said there needs to be yearly medals given away for your work in factional warfare.

Just watch this video at the 1:23:00 mark and hear it for yourself.