[SERIOUS] What can CCP do now to fix PVP in FW?

(Tater-nuts) #43

So lesson 1, pretty much always use an empty pod, especially with cheap ships.

I do agree with t1’s only being allowed in Novice sites, it would make it much more fun. Most faction frigates wipe the floor with t1 unless your using a clever fit and then your t1 can get a sweet faction kill, but it’s rare.

You won’t get many fights roaming in a gang, except ones you won’t like. You are better off finding one or two (at most) if you want help, but you’ll get way more action flying a t1 frigate or destroyer solo. It may take awhile to get a fit you like, but stick with it and you’ll be fine. Your cap should not be running out quickly, if at all during a 1v1 frigate fight , so there may be an issue with your fit.

The only 2 ships that give me cap issues are the dual rep Incursus because it’s usually a long fight and Tristan’s which I avoid if possible because the highs are usually loaded with neuts, everything else your cap should be fine.

(matthus loch) #44

Remove fw since gallente and minmatar allready won

(LouHodo) #45

Problems I have found after nearly a year in FW.

1- LP store is horribly unbalanced. Some items/ships from the LP store have a FAR higher demand than other factions items or ships. Case and point VNI.

2- FW Missions. They are only run by bots and and people farming LP for the LP store.

3- LP rewards for kills. Right now it is a joke. Kill your typical ship in FW which 9 out of 10 times is a T1 frigate, you MIGHT get 900LP. But capture a Novice Plex solo and you can make 1500LP.

4- Citidels/Fortizars and other corp structures in FW space. Makes controlling systems kind of pointless.

5- Player Pirate corps in FW plexes. If you are not flagged up you should NOT be let into a FW plex. You want to fight, PICK A SIDE!

6- BOTS, BOTS, BOTS… dont say you have cracked down on them, because last night 12/9/18 I sat in Gulmagod for about an hour, and I watched no less than a half dozen bots from Amarr AND Minmatar fly through. How do I know they were bots… because the were in shuttles, and they flew the SAME course that every bot flies on the FW mission runs. Or they would warp into the system in a Atron, and as soon as I decloaked within 5AU of the novice they warped off… I was in an Imacus. These are week old toons with next to no skills.

It is sad that the most PVP I have got in the past few days have been me killing randoms while exploring in FW space, or the one gate camp I flew through to test a theory.

(Zerbean) #46

Yeah lesson 1 I learned the cheap, but hard way.

By gang, I ment 1-3 other people. Just a few that share what were doing, same goals, dont mind if we win or lose, just a way to get some comradery going etc.

Pretty sure the cap issue was from running web, scram, AB and armor rep all at once. The pilot is about 45 days old, so I havent trained much in support skills yet. Plus with it only being my actual 2nd pvp fight, I’m still on the bottom of that learning curve.

Still overall having fun, but I seem to be warping out of novices from faction/pirate ships or seeing no one at all 99% of the time.

Makes a difference when you have people to chat with while you wait for a countdown timer.

Kinda lonely…

(matthus loch) #47

YUCK. No pirates in plexS??? In your dreams filthy carebear

(Sollis Vynneve) #48

Ive been in fw for 7 years, pirates in plexes is a good thing as most fw players want to pvp. Non fw pilots who enter a plex should go suspect though. :slight_smile:

(Sollis Vynneve) #49

Several years ago ccp did say they were going to connect mimi/amarr fw zone to gall/cal zone but nothing came of that. I talked to a gm about the problems with fw and they told me ccp havent any plans for fw in the near future.

Its a feature i believe theyll remove eventually when fw is completely dead through their inaction.

(LouHodo) #50

I still believe if you want in the plex’s then you should pick a side. You can as a pirate hang out at Ihubs and Large plexs all day or try and camp outside of them. Because 90% of the pirates I run into aren’t looking for fights just easy killmarks.

And instead of getting good and learning how to scan people down and hunt them in WH space or Nullsec they want to be tryhards and take way OP pirate frigates into novice plexs.