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Heyo, looking to do some pvp for the fun of it, just wanted to know what’s up with current system for plexing rewards. As is, if i’m not mistaken, them more you’re stomping the opponent empire, the more rewards you get up to 225% bonus LP? Doesn’t that just result in 99% of the players going to the winning side to get more LP, resulting in even more of a stomp? Shouldn’t it be a bonus to the losing side, so there’s always a natural balance? Thanks in advance for any info.

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It works because the people playing in Faction Warfare have organized cartels out of game where they all decide to swap sides every now and then so they can profit off the LP they’ve made from the previous switch. This is why you’d see Faction ships BPCs and modules fluctuate back and forth.

For several months, everyone agrees to push heavily for Gallente, another several months, they push heavily for Caldari. Rinse and repeat and watch yourself make tons of LP and ISK as the tide goes up and down.

i is perfect example of how some gamers broke game mechanics. CCP should do something about this. If people dont wanna war, then make piece - no more FW at all for example. Lets love each other to the end of the world.

FW like this is not needed at all. It is banana land for people with alt in every possible militia. Just delete this ■■■■ - eve should be better place

What do you expect CCP to do?
This is human nature. To band together and work towards a common goal. You can see this happening in pretty much every aspect of the game, especially out in nullsec with the “blue donut”.

The biggest problem is that the players have effectively “solved” EVE Online. CCP has tried to hide the solution from the players by making it complicated, but never actually expecting players to figure it out. They’ve plugged their ears with their fingers and went “la la la, we can’t hear you!” when players warned them that this would happen.

Another example are Titans. CCP refused to listen to players when they warned them that the players would eventually form entire fleets of nothing but Titans. CCP refused to listen, and kept saying “they’re too expensive to be spamed”, and look at where we are now.

At this point, unless CCP fundamentally changes the way things go, tiny incremental changes will be figured out, abused, and then gamed within a couple of hours.

from ccp nothing - ccp never listened, pearl abbys can change that …
They should add some rules to the game to limit certain behaviors and be very strict if players break these rules.
for example, creating FW characters on the opposite side of a faction should be prohibited.
We should choose once in a lifetime on all accounts held (same choice for all accounts). Sure, people can cheat, but they should know that this is a ban. We don’t have real amrr, real matars, all whores for sale for isk. Maybe some have survived, but they are in the minority. So there is no real war and competition and fraction warefare game is ■■■■.

I would be very impressed if you could figure out a way to enforce this. How would you know it’s the same person making FW characters on different sides? And why should it be prohibited in the first place?

Why? Because from your one example, it doesn’t seem like these are rules that Pearl Abyss would want. It seems like rules that you, specifically, want because it makes your feelings less hurt over something.

for example small bank transaction to ensure you are you. It is simple and function in some games and in real life too, so no anonymous
I am hurt because some people make this game shitter and shitter because of isk profit yes.

Lmao, ok kid. Good luck with your fantasies.

Well, that is CCP’s fault. And the fixes are rather easy. Remove the OP stuff. Since Jackdaws seem to be such a problem, CCP just needs to remove the insta warp-ish capabilities from T3Ds. I never understood why this was introduced in the first place. Most frigates cannot insta warp and those which can have to gimp their fittings accordingly. But certain T3D can just do it with a push of a button. Very easy to fix. Speaking of which, these ships never had a reason to exist in the first place. They obliterated the reason to use a wide variety of other ships because they fill so many roles and scenarios.

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