CCP, please do something about LP farmers in FW

Something needs to be fixed. These farmers won’t ever take a fight Just plex offense all day and warp at first trouble, they dont even wait to see, you enter system, they warp…some ate using scripts to do so…autowarping from every plex when any gate is activated…mining is fone fix FW so these pvp edge lords actually have to do it. Its ridiculous at this point.

They don’t care. If you want proof it isn’t hard to break most of these bots to prove their is no human behind them. You can even use video documentation of it and to ccp and they will take no action against the bot.

However you’re simply talking about farmers and there is nothing wrong with them so long as they are being controlled by players. They are part of fw that a militia needs to be aware of and utilize/stop.

Faction Warfare needs a total new overhaul.

Faction Destroyers and More Faction Frigates
Faction Capitals
Massive Mining Increase for Aligned Barges/Exhumers in Aligned Space
Faction Combat Barges
Flash Points or Hot Spots
NPC Exploration Sites Aligned with Factions (Gallente, Caldari, Minmatar, Amar)
King of the Hill Events

Basically, we need to encourage people to congregate in different spots. We need to encourage different play styles and reward those play styles within the space. We should lobby for reasons as to why someone would do things in FW space. Whether that is escorting NPC fleets, holding a system for payout, mining in system (and being vulnerable to ganks).

Sitting in plexes all day should continue to exist. But it shouldn’t be the only way to make ISK. You should be rewarded for engaging in content, moving, playing with others. Rewarded enough that ship losses will always be recuperated in the long run. Just my opinion on it.

All of those are great ideas!

Be careful what you ask for. Any time this dev team tries to “fix” anything in Eve it usually ends up more broken than when they started and never gets fixed.


I am all for FW upgrades, I do sometimes ask myself though. If they make FW more fun than SOV Null bloc warfare.

Could that potentially kill Null sec? With FW its all the same principles of SOV the only difference is you have to PLEX as opposed to hack. I mean, you can hack SOV and do the same as what FW LP farmers do? Just warp away.

There must be a fear of Null collapse combined with legacy code. I would imagine if Low sec FW gets fixed null sec will cry? Thoughts?

inv4 CCP fixes FW…


…by breaking / removing it entirely :stuck_out_tongue:


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