FW fights Farmers! **** yeah! :D

So, in case you didn’t know, the Amarrian and Minmatar militias got together deciding to take matters into their own hands. They’ve organised a treaty which effectively prevents farmers from accessing the best missions.

You can read more about it here on the forums:

And I’d like to congratulate them for their article on Kotaku!
(Kotaku. Hey, at least … ^^)_

These guys are fighting against the farmers …
… and CCP won’t dare doing anything against that!


(Title contains the following censored words: ■■■■)


Thanks a lot for your support :slight_smile:

Both militias followed their word and on the 22 systems we had to exchange, only a few remains to switch. So it’s looking good !

For those who don’t do FW, a plex is 0,7% : a system is vulnerable at 100% so for one system you need 150 plexes. For 22 systems, you need to do 3 300 plexes.


Love it. Love everything about it. Awesome work!

Would be nice if CCP had taken care of them for you guys, but watching players come together to solve a common issue is one of those joys found only in EVE.


I predict content in that area is gonna fall off a cliff.

Northern FW is about to become the place to be. Well it always has been really.

And thats assuming no dplexing…

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Annd that’s me looking forward to playing the game again for this time of year.

Well done chaps.


Outrageous that THEY DARE to decide which playstyle is valid and which not…should only lead to permanent bans of the organizers…

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Love it.

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Congrats to these folks. :+1:

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If people running FW missions was a factor in you going inactive, then the missions weren’t the problem, you delicate little flower.

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Disagree. This is EXACTLY the type of emergent gameplay that needs to happen, especially if CCP will do nothing about farming or the complaints of their player base due to imbalances. If CCP won’t do anything about it, it’s up to the players.


Win trading.

But it is ok, because in these times we live in 2 wrongs make a right and the ends always justify the means.

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You have accomplished nothing. Agents are still available and the few sistems that were fliped wouldnt have fallen without your plexing alts.

You have only managed to expose your self as cowards and traitiors.

Why dont you use that isk to burn huola, that would create content for us all.

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Man, do you just not have any dignity at all? Demanding that people who aren’t breaking any rules be banned is so pathetic that it’s triggering a bit of sympathetic embarrassment for you.


You presume so much, and yet you know so very little.

Sure thing, buttercup. :wink:

It’s a sandbox. They can create whatever content they want.
Go trolling about more safety somewhere else. It’s about lowsec. Nothing in your interest.


I was with Ushra’khan for many years.

And you, just who the actual F are you ?