Is FW fixed yet?

Was gone for almost half a year again with the, for me, most enjoyable playstyle being pretty much dead in the water.

Is FW fixed yet ?
Did LS get some love ?
Whats with the bots and unfitted plex farmers ?

@tutucox_Khamsi , you have been active there for quite some time (about 5 years , if I’m right) and have first hand experience with FW daily. What are your thoughts ?

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my thoughts are
FW is great , i do it all the time
there is LOT of farmers , we need a mechanic that take then off
like a check for full armed ships at least on the plexes i don’t know
and is not putting ■■■■ on low sec, we don’t need big corps in low sec, the more ■■■■ you put there the more it turns in null , FW have a tradition of anarchic groups , small scale combat , thats the fun, i think that the MILITIA has to be the focus , maybe show 24th imperial crusade first , THEM the corp …
wee need to take tier 1 OUT , its impossible to be a real fighter making half the lp
the LP store between militias have to be balanced but different , or change every month i don’t know ,its kinda lame to buy the same product wen one side is making 4x more lp than the other , with different products the market take care of this
i gave some suggestions in other topics i made… about op ships insta warp etc


Put a alt on the highest tier faction for farming isk. Then use you low tiered pvp pilot for pvp. Its what everyone else does.

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yeah , thats why minmatar militia suck so much

and btw check your rank pleb , ill have a conversation with your superior officer if you keep this level of impertinence

Yeah thats the sad thing about it. Personally I wouldn’t do it but I cant judge.
Same with the botters and unfit farmers.

Current FW mechanics are just begging to be exploited.

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