Does anyone actually think faction warfare

is good for the game or ever has been?

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It’s one of the most engaging systems CCP has ever created in my opinion. So many influential groups and people came up through FW. There were multiple civil wars, united fronts against null incursions into lowsec, so many good stories and fun fights.

It is also unique in its Frig/Dessie meta in the game. And variety obviously makes New Eden stronger.

Why would you ask this? I’m curious?

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Fair enough.
To answer your question, I been playing Eve since 2007 and always found lowsec to be my favorite place of operation. I never enjoyed faction warfare at all and from my outside observation it just seems like a way to farm isk in cheap ships masked as pvp. I prefered it when those areas of lowsec weren’t just frigate fight zones. Not saying other people shouldn’t enjoy it, that’s just my perspective and curious if anyone actually likes it.

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There are definitely farmers, many farmers. And the current low population in FW space makes those farmers much more annoying.

But I think a lot of pilots, including me and many of my friends, wanted to fight.

We learned to fit our ships, use tools like dscan, assess our enemies before engaging, and there was never any SRP even in the big FW alliances ( I think), so we all learned to be financially self sufficient. The LP was just a bonus. Selling VNIs to those Null ratters. :wink:

Lots of the last generation of great FW moved on and looked for more complex game play, and the current climate is a bit slow. We need a new generation of warriors who want to fight instead of farm to build new FW juggernauts. Aideron Robotics is the notable exception. They’re still defending the Federation.

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Also, the Amarr militia is regularly fielding shiny stuff lately, if you uh want to go, attack them… :slight_smile:

Yeh, CCP needs to do something dramatic for lowsec I think.

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ohhhhh, Interesting, I’ll look into it.

I really liked the Minmatar event. There were lots of people in non-FW lowsec running sites and hunting each other. I talked to some people who live there full time in chat and they were loving it too.

yeh I agree, lowsec should perhaps have that level of sites permenantly.

Nope, you’re actually 100% right. CCP’s “flagship” PvP feature is nothing but a disguised PvE grindfest for ISK farmers and botters. There are a few legitimate players, but despite being good players, they delude themselves into thinking that the system itself isn’t sick to the core. Not only that, but it also ruins your standings, forcing you to suffer an additional punishment despite engaging in one of the most noble, selfless forms of PvP possible (once again, the legitimate players, and not the farmer bots).

From the beginning, it should’ve been a system without any PvE components, with all income coming from PvP itself. But that wasn’t within CCP’s design vision, because they felt it necessary to give a participation trophy to everyone, including the ISK grinders who never even touch the W part of FW.


That is what I did in my brief participation in FW, except that i didn’t even cared to mask anything. Still, I was a potential prey for the eventual /hunter be it from opposite faction or a pirate. I had some fun evading them and hope they had fun trying to catch me. But I was there for the ISK, since I had better way to make ISK, i left. Also didn’t make any new friend when i was there(probably part of the reason for leaving…C’est la vie).
In any case, despite not being my cup f tea, I think that FW is a good thing for Eve. It gives people reason to compete and to cooperate, to adapt or die. A new player can enter with relative ease and a veteran can enjoy it too.

I think the sites were a little to much PvE to be permanently in lowsec, but I’d love something like occasional pirate attacks into FW space.

If the Serpentis attack a Gallente constellation for a week, with valuable data/relic sites popping up stronger gate/belt rats, and increased LP for plexing and kills, that would be cool.

I’m just brainstorming right now. No idea if that would still sound cool after thinking about it for a day. :grin:

More PvE in lowsec will mean more PvP and give more reason to live there.

Not when the PvE consists of using disposable, stabbed T1 frigates.

lol true

What do you guys think will make lowsec better?

I have no idea about that. I just know that FW isn’t good for my play time quality.

You can’t use stabs in FW…

Maybe you’re right and I’m being too picky. More of anything in lowsec would be good.

More resources.

yeh agree, the income potential of lowsec needs to be higher