Amarr FW Campaign: Eytjangard

This week saw the Amarr militia make an unsuccessful attempt to capture the system of Eytjangard. This station-less system in Metropolis holds little strategic value in the warzone, but would have been a much needed morale boost for what can be described as a militia far from its best.

Since the introduction of citadels into EVE, the station lock out mechanics of faction warfare have become essentially irrelevant, only barring access to mission agents. The staging of ships, clones and supplies can and is provided by citadels owned directly by FW groups, or more often, by those under the guise of a neutral entity. Eyt is no exception to this. Its player owned structures are home to two small Amarr FW corporations Khanid Propulsion Systems [KPROP] and 44th Recon Unit [44RC].

Despite the system still being in Matari hands, good fights were had and it was great to see some action in the warzone again. Rather than describe each fight (as I have slept since then and been through a couple of horrific hangovers) I have summerised the battle reports from each day. I have split them as follows:

Blue - Amarr Militia + Friends

Red - Minmatar Militia + Friends

Green - Non FW Neutrals

Monday 28th Saw Amarr pilots begin to push the systems contested level. Ushra’Khan were quick to take notice. Their write up of events has already been posted. The fights didn’t last for long and the rest of the night was spent capping plexs and fighting with local neutrals. The highlight being an appearance from Christina Tsunemori.

Tuesday 29th began with the final push to get the system to vulnerable. Taking a little longer than we hoped the ihub finally became vulnerable in EUTZ rather than the RUTZ we were aiming for. This would be the downfall of the push and Ushra’Khan alone can form more pilots than the depleted Amarr militia has. The ihub bash started anyway was immediately interrupted by the subtlely named awox corp Imperial Navy Awoxers. With approximatly 7 pilots engaging the ihub progress was slow, but we had managed to get to 2/3rds armour before the relentless calls for help by Bullet Anarchy in Minmatar militia chat were answered. The Matari fleet successfully defended the hub and soon took the system out of vulnerable.

Wednesday 30th - Normal service was resumed and chasing dplexing farmers, bots and occasional pvp pilots is once again on the menu. Undoubtedly spurred on by their success, the Minmatar loyalists have counter-attacked the system of Sahtogas which at the time of writing this is vulnerable to attack of the ihub and capture by the Minmatar Republic.

Shout outs to everyone who shot at us or with us. Thanks for a couple of days content.

If you want to be part of Amarr FW check out the recruitment post for Khanid Propulsion Systems [KPROP] and follow us at r/kprop


Should build a wall to keep illegal mataris out. I know a guy.

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But then the ice king flies to Eastwatch and kills the Wall… ooops


I like these write ups. It’s good to see what’s going on. People do need to join Amarr Militia to help balance things out…

Meanwhile @edeity please feel free to do more Pro-Amarr Mil videos. I especially enjoyed the Burn Auga announcement, especially in retrospect :wink:

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But who would pay?

Stopping the bash sounds way easier here then it was in reality. While you are right about the numbers in EU tz from what I have seen lately we were just starting and many ppl had not logged in yet.
When we attacked the fleet on the hub we had arround 6 pilots on grid.

It was fun and I realy hope that you manage to get some momentum going. From this side it looks like you have 3-4 small groups of slavers all doing their own stuff. All very dedicated but with little to no cooperation. Seems like a waste of potential to me…

There are indeed a few small groups starting to emerge, each with their own ideas in mind. I’m not going to give free intel on what those are but I do wish them and indeed yourself the best of luck. My time with Amarr has come to an end for now.

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Thanks for the good times. I wish you all the best and hope that you will one day return to our corner of the univers (maybe with some friends?).

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I’ll drop by from time to time. Maybe with some fellow Cal Mil in tow.

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@Tristan_daCuhna for what it’s worth, I’d love to have you with us in Minmatar some time.

Thanks for the offer, after so many years of shooting at slaves I could’t bring myself to join them again. Spent about 3 days in Min Mil and it was terrible, though I did make the mistake of joining Biohazard not long before they defected to Amarr.

ooooohh oooooh ooooooh I dont know what to say… ooooohh…

I have been busy building an offline army for reinforcements for Amarr in the near future with this:

ihub bash with 7 people. While it is sad to hear that it is at the same time also not surprising :frowning:

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