The battle for Sahtogas: Aug 29th - Sept 1st

With the Amarr defeated in Eytjangard on Tuesday 28th August, the evening of Wednesday 29th saw Eyjangard relatively safe while Sahtogas had been brought close to vulnerable by Minmatar warriors in the central EU timezone. I joined the fleet assaulting Sahtogas and it wasn’t long before the system was vulnerable.

The timezone tides were not in our favor, however and many of the pilots who had helped make the system vulnerable retired not long after. We were able to put together a modest fleet which would have been sufficient to take down the i-hub and claim the system over time, had it not been for the harassment of pirates sympathetic to the amarr cause in some fairly expensive ships. Several times we cleared the system of pirates, but were not able to do so for long enough to make a signifiant dent in the i-hub.

I did get a few high ticket kills:

But I also lost two cruisers and two Thrashers.

Fleets continued to clash in Sahtogas through the night and another attempt at the i-hub on Thursday morning took it into armor but ultimately failed. Throughout Thursday a handful of pilots fought back against the amarr as the deplexed the system down to 92% contested.

Thursday evening’s timezone tides brought more favor and after a 2bill ISK kill roam with @Harkon_Thorson we settled back into attacking Sahtogas. Notable Roam kills include:

The roam also saw @Noh_Way achieve her live-long dream of leaving a warrior II behind at every gate in the warzone.

A larger fleet and virtually no resistance in Sahtogas (they were all hiding after the roam?) enabled us to to the sites in tandem which meant we could not only bring the system up to vulnerable very quickly, but we also had time to twice pop into Eytjanyard to mess with @Tristan_daCuhna while we waited for sites to spawn (sorry for plexing up all the sites to nearly done then leaving Tris - we had to go!)

With a larger fleet, the i-hub bash went quickly and smoothly and having logi on field this time meant we had the luxury of ignoring the battleships who warped in at range and failed to snipe our ships. In fact, we were able to do a little sniping of our own.

One minor skirmish of note was the attempt of Amarrian Deathlives4uto claim the Novice site from two rifters. Claiming that site would have jeopardised our limited plex buffer and could have halted our bash. Fortunately, while he killed my cheap-ship alt, @Kymon_Khan was able to finish him off.


Congrats on retaking Sahtogas. Decent write up yet again.

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I thought you might appreciate the explanation of why we kept popping in and out.

Yeah it was a fun bit of PVP, i was at work when you guys first pushed sahtogas but I managed to muster a few guys just after DT to deplex it down to 92% then had to go for a bit. Unfortunately we just couldn’t get enough numbers to deal with your fleet and therefore lost sahtogas.

I know this is gonna sound a bit like “oh but we didnt want that system anyways hurrdurr” but for TMOCC, sahtogas was more of a content system, we’re only interested in keeping systems adjacent to our home system right now so we aren’t too devastated about that loss.

Saying that though thanks you guys for the good fights and content, I’ve been recruiting a fair few guys the past few days so with any luck we can start getting some more pew pew going!

Also PS: I was tempted to just warp out my vindi but I thought I was gonna be able to tank for long enough to blap 2 or 3 ships, however after I died I realised that I was in a crystal clone instead of asklepians lol. rip vindi :confused:

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The original and infact the majority of pushes to retake Sahtogas have been undertaken by Templar Dane and the rest of Team Amarrica. Maybe this will spur them on log in again.

I really like your battle report. Make me want to jump into FW right away! :+1::+1::+1:

But my “short term” training goal has another 4 months to go. I think that’s the part of EVE we hate and love at the same time. :joy:

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