The battle for Kamela (September 2017)


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Kamela has been close to vulnerable for a few days, and the previous evening I’d had a few fights with a Griffin Navy and a pair of atrons (and the other). The Atron fight was good fun and consisted of me charging by cheap-fit autocannon Thrasher at them full throttle, assisted by a swarm of drones from my allies.

Saturday afternoon saw a few more good fights, with @POSTRON and his friends bringing triples of Algos and Punishers to the sites we were running. I lost a Thrasher and killed an Algos.

The evening saw a larger Minmatar fleet running sites and controlling the system unmatched. This didn’t stop Ars Venandi launching a cruiser fleet into us, however. We lost some ships (another Thrasher for me) but held our ground and I was even able to return in a Rupture to finish the fight.

Not long later, Central Omni Galactic Group decided they could take us on in frigates and destroyers. They were horribly out-gunned and the whole fight was over in less than 3 minutes, with no losses on our side. The popped so fast, I ended up deliberately shooting things that weren’t called primary (and splitting my drones and guns between targets) simply because the primaries were exploding too fast. Our smaller ships did a great job of spreading points to hold them all until it was their turn to pop. Here’s the kills I was part of (some stuff popped before I could lock it):

The i-hub bash was one of the most eventful bashes in a while. As we pushed the i-hub to 20% shield, @Gian_Bal in a Archon warped into the field. Looking to be part of the kill and assist in finishing off the i-hub, our own caps jumped in, only for the Archon to light a cyno to bring in 6 additional carriers supported by a FAX. These belonged to No Handelbars, hired by Gian to disrupt our bash.

We lost a Nag and Chimera but were unable to break the Fax’s tank before our caps went down and our sub cap fleet had to leave. As a consolation prize, our Chimera did take our a Confessor.

We waited about 5 minutes for the mercenaries to leave (you don’t get much merc for your isk these days, do you?) and resumed the bash.

As the i-hub approached armor, the no handlebars mercs returned in a Ferox fleet. Their dps wasn’t strong enough to break our logi and they largely kept out of our range, so kills on both sides were minimal and dps on the i-hiub continued until it was claimed. Two Ferox kills I was involved in were:

Amusingly, LePeche continued to warp in and out with his fleet in his pod long after his Ferox was gone. I guess he just wanted to keep helping any way he could.

With Kamela claimed, only two systems remain in the way of the Minmatar’s total domination of the Warzone: Huola and Sosala.

T.R.I.A.D Recruiting [Minmatar FactionWarfare] [Ushra'Khan]
(Ustag) #2

Nice job Ally.

now for Huola!

(Gian Bal) #3

Nice write up as always but some stuff to mention.

It wasn’t so much of a battle as it was you guys just taking the system, for those not in the warzone Amarr currently don’t really have enough numbers to compete with the minmatar fleets such as the one that took kamela last night.

The payment wasn’t ISK, the payment was the promise of minmatar capital kills, which you guys so happily obliged to give us :smiley:

I knew that pretty much any hope of holding Kamela was gone due to our lack of numbers etc. however when No Handlebars engaged your fleet with ferox’s I was able to muster a small force (6 or so people) and start capturing plex’s, hoping that the ferox fleet would keep you distracted from the IHUB for long enough. We managed to capture a novice and a small but it seems that you guys had built up a buffer in kamela (At first I thought it was bugged then after a little research learnt that you could actually do that - nearly half a decade playtime and I’m still learning stuff every day :slight_smile: ) however you guys managed to hold against the ferox dps and kill the ihub.

I was actually planning on suicide that archon into the ihub for some content anyway but had managed to get No Handlebars to prepare for a counter drop, as I could almost sense the eagerness to drop capitals on my archon if I brought it in - what better way to take someones home system than to kill one of their capital assets :smiley:

Anyways, as you said earlier in the post you were able to take kamela with relative ease (Why didn’t you guys take it when it went vulnerable the other day? You had more than enough people and had no-one opposing you) so I wanted to at least take some of your shiny stuff out and provide a bit of fun for everyone.

Anyways, good fights minmatar, I expect you’ll likely take another system or two by next weekend but with any luck us amarr should be able to get some more recruitment done and start being able to actually field decent fleets and compete with your numbers.

Keep up the writeups and reports DrButterfly :slight_smile:

Seeya on the battlefield!

(DrButterfly PHD) #4

Personally, I was away on a business trip. I think there was some other non ihub bash going on at the same time or something.

(DrButterfly PHD) #5

Interesting. I had assumed we had people running all the sites. By the time the feroxes arrived it was too late really, and they didnt come in range long enough to have too much distracting effect.

(LePeche Peachy) #6

This write up tho… XD I got fleet warped in my pod. Our dudes were looking for content and we didn’t really have many people online so we went with caps. We didn’t really expect Minnie dudes to drop caps but their love of Gian proved us wrong, even dropping a HAW Dread on a carrier, lol. Was fun.

(DrButterfly PHD) #7

I think the caps were already en route tbh, but Gian’s carrier certainly hastened their arrival.

(Dreaded Vengance) #8

We actually had 2 nice frig brawls on Thursday night as Kam was approaching vulnerable which were fun tbh, especially the second one where iirc your guys got us down to 3 logi but despite dishonorable ECM being deployed, our logi saved the day.

We reshipped to kitey cruisers after RFing one of your citadels and picked off a few more here and there before bringing in an FW alt to cap a large and I think a novice pushing the system back out of vulnerable.

(system) #9

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