BattleReport: a day in the life of a Minmatar FW FC

The warzone was pretty quiet when I logged in so I grabbed a Firetail, opened up a fleet and headed over to Kamela to push back against the Amarr who re-took it from us last month. Aside from some local banter, things continued to be quiet as a few Minmatar warriors joined the fleet.

Then, like 2 busses arriving at once the action started. We had popped over to the Large Outpost to chase a stabbed magnate that we failed to catch (but later died), we warped to the Medium Outpost intending to claim it for Minmatar. As our warp drives initiated, @PIIPo_Aideron landed in a Slicer and was tackled by/tackled by @frankk1. As we landed at the Medium, we bumped into @Necrophax in a Vexor and tackled him outside the gate. Unfortunately @frankk1 was unable to disengage so most of the fleet warped back to the large just in time to see his Garmur explode.

We kept the Vexor tackled and were able to get back on him relatively quickly. The Vexor took a long time to die on account of his dual armor reps and apparently infinite supply of cap boosters and nanite paste. He put my firetail into structure, forcing me to warp out and come back in a Vexor to finish the job. @frankk1 even had enough time to reship to a Pontifex and deal top damage. (More on that Pontifex later).

Not long later (after I had reshipped to a Thrasher), a blob of 10-15 Italian Minmatar (Global Isk Network) Thrashers, arrived to help us kill a slicer that we caught outside another site ( @Shade_Anid ).

His buddy, @Qu4er thought he was safe in his Omen Navy 100km out from the gate, but don’t forget that Pontifax! We bundled up on @frankk1 as he spooled up his jump drive and landed us straight on top of the ONI. The fight was over in seconds . I don’t think he even activated his repper, though he did manage to get my Thrasher into 10% structure. I reshipped back into my Firetail. Unfortunately for the Italians, most of them were too slow to get in on the microwarpjump. Sorry @Lorenso.

We finished up our sites in Kamela, then following some intel regarding a Caldari incursion in Anka/Iesa, we headed over that direction, killing an amarr punisher at a Sosala Outpost on the way.

We didn’t find the Caldari and by this point in the evening both sides were starting to log of. Feeling invincible at not having personally lost a ship all evening, and given the quietness I decided to log in a 2nd account and multibox deplex two sites at once.

My firetail was the first victim of that decision. As I was getting my alt on the way to the system, @Lin_Butius landed in my site in a Tengu and got a tackle. I did think I’d got away at one point but once my webs were out of range and his scrams weren’t, he caught back up to me. His buddies soon arrived and 2 Cynabal, a Gila and a Tengu popped my little Firetail. I reshipped to something cheaper for rabbit plexing: a t1 fit Rifter.

Two characters means you can get into two fights at once and I lost my alt’s Thrasher to a plex-gate camp at the same time as @Black_SoulXD a Maulus Navy Issue started chasing my little Rifter around Iesa. I bounced from plex to planet to ihub to plex as i got my alt’s capsule docked, with the Maulus following close behind at every turn. Once I was able to focus on one pilot, I headed over to @Egon_Mgalhaes in one of the Outposts to lay a trap. I don’t know if @Black_SoulXD thought he could take the two of us or if he just didn’t check DScan with all the bouncing, but either way he was quickly dispatched.

Not wanting to be beaten, @Black_SoulXD returned surprisingly quickly in a Catalyst he quickly popped my Rifter containing the Maulus loot. He couldn’t break Egon’s cruiser, but Egon made a valiant attempt at that himself, burning out all his guns with the Catalyst on structure. Fortunately the Republic Cruiser at the site joined in the fight and made the final blows required (the killboard final blow lies!).

Both my characters in pods and happy with the state of my killboard for the evening, I logged off and went to bed.


“Not long later (after I had reshipped to a Thrasher), a blob of 10-15 Italian Minmatar (Global Isk Network) Thrashers, arrived to help us kill a slicer that we caught outside another site”

I think this is a concerning commentary on the state of the warzone. You need to let Amarr numbers recover before you smash them again; 15+ vs a frigate is not healthy for future fights!

Keep up the reports though it’s nice to know what’s happening there.

Yeh, that particular interaction was overkill and most of the thrashers didn’t even get to fire off a shot. I could certainly have used those thrashers later against the Tengu.

Thanks for the encouragement. I will keep these reports coming.

Here’s what those Thrashers were fighting immediately before coming to Kamela:

Nice writeup! :+1: Finally checked the forums to find recent things: I met some of you guys while testing my latest fit yesterday o7

Decent write up, always interesting to hear things from the opposite point of view.

Much shorter battle report from yesterday evening. Since I logged on late yesterday, arriving just in time to take a pot-shot at a vexor before it exploded.

We had a little fun later when a small-ish fleet of IT’S ONLY PIXELS frigates warped in at a Large outpost at 100km but they were too fast and far away for us to do anything more than fire at them from a distance. Not long after they arrived, @Saly_Va warped a solo omen on-top of them, who also kept his range from us. Both sides survived the initial encounter but a later concerted attack on the omen left two frigates popped.

At the end of the evening, when our fleet consisted of 3 cheap-fit frigates we tried to catch a “solo” astero but couldn’t break his tank and I lost my rifter.

Positive isk on my killboard, though I didn’t actually contribute meaningfully or either of the kills listed.

We managed to out alpha a comet yesterday:

Lost a thrasher but we had combined dps of 180ish. Fight was down to last volley. @sail_ho @Krystian_Zimermen

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Slicer didn’t seem to be Amarrian though, and any kitey birdwatchers on plex gates deserves getting numbers on them. All they’re looking for anyway is killing tackle and yolo out of there.

I really hope your trip to Eyt today makes it into this write up.

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Good fight, stronk tank - thought I was going to get you there for reeaally short while, when we both were in hull. Fleet was basically just people curious what was going on in Eyt with the sudden contest levels. Had 86% heat on the Rapid Lights from the Omen just before so couldn’t give you any heat with those :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll start a new thread for my next report @Tristan_daCuhna

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