Faction Warfare Battle Report: Aug 28 2017

The evening started with me yolo’ing my cheap-fit-rifter into a Merlin belonging to @Vinchi Aubaris. I was hoping my back-up would arrive sooner, but bouncing out of the site and back took longer than expected. They still caught him a little after I had exploded though.

After a short op involving no kills, the remnants of that fleet headed over to Eytjangard to see what the heck was going on over there. We’d been watching the system’s contested level go up all day and it had become the warzone’s most contested system, with a 75% contested level (it’s now 87.33%). Jumping into the system I discovered @Tristan_daCuhna in a Coercer and his alt in a Thrasher running the large site. Unable to take that fight in a solo Firetail I opened up the small and waited for backup.

The large outpost was 4AU form the small, so I set my dscan to 3 AU and waited for Tristan to come after me, which he did. I warped out to a celestial, returning to the small behind my back up in the form of @Khaprice in a Firetail and @Egon_Magalhaes in his punisher. The two destroyers made short work of Khaprice’s firetail before turning their attention to me, but our combined dps from the three frigates was enough to take down Tristan and his alt before they could get through my armor.

The next challenger was a pirate, @Skrelor, in an Omen who decided to enter the medium outpost looking for a fight. He got more than he bargained for as Minmatar warriors bundled in from the other sites in the system and kicked dispatched him and his pod. I think he tired to shoot me at one point but I was too fast and too close for him to hit.

Not long after that, and before everybody could repair, Tristan returned with the same Coercer/Thrasher combo. @Khaprice was caught unawares, distracted by one exotic dancers in his cargo or something. The rest of us warped to the site to avenge him while, Tristan apparently engaged with, and killed, a 90 million ISK Minmatar Heretic not in our fleet.

Once we landed in the site, the fight played out pretty much the same way of the first time, with us losing one firetail and killing both Coercer and Thrasher. The difference being that the Coercer was already slightly damaged from fighting the Cormorant and Heretic so it went down before the Firetail, and that the Firetail this time belonged to me. I tried to pull range and escape once I realized I was primaried, but the Thrasher’s webs kept me from moving too fast. I probably just made it easier for the Thrasher’s guns to track me by flying in a straight line.

After that fight I headed home, but fighting continued in Eytjangard into the night.


Was a fun night of pew pew and another nice write up.

Another night of fighting in Eytjangard last night. My favorite was popping @Skrelor’s Slicer solo in my t1 fit Thrasher, and then immediately turning my guns onto @Tristan_daCuhna’s Fed Navy Comet which arrived with my back up. One lesson I’ve learnt flying and fighting destroyers and frigates is that frigs don’t do so well against dessies, even if it’s a bling frig vs a cheap dessie.

Oh, and this 1 billion isk pod kill when @Skrelor came back in his Coercer was nice to see.

Eytjangard is now looking more stable, having dropped from 101.3% contested down to 84.67%. Still, more fights in Eytjangard (we’re calling it ‘Isengard’ - stupid fat hobbits) are expected in the coming days.

Oh, and I nearly forgot the fight where I got @Tristan_daCuhna 's alt’s Thrasher into about 20% structure before my Thrasher popped. I thought I was coming in to get on a killmail of a won fight only to find that my fleet had been smashed by the time I arrived.

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