A tale of escalation

Last night in the warzone saw lots of fun kills in and around Anka/Sosala, but it started with the loss of my firetail to @Nicole_Ripley and her friends in CRIME.NET.

I got my revenge though an hour later when @Egon_Magalhas caught her Incursus at a site and call me for back up. Our combined dps was more than enough to break the last of her tank and get the kill.

Not to be beaten, @Nicole_Ripley returned to take her revenge in a Rupture and then a Proteus. It just goes to show that escalation doesn’t always pay. The 100MN afterburner proved useless on the proteus against a fleet with entirely too many webs.

A fight with a Vigil Fleet and Breacher was a lot of fun. We nuked the Vigil as hard as we could to get it popped and then chased the Breacher. He was faster than me, but Egon got a point to shut off the Breacher’s microwarp, slowing it enough for me to get my webs on and make it pop.

I felt a little sorry for @rljpdx in his Caracal. With our frigate gang pounding him with EMP at close range, he went down quickly; well before he was able to do any serious damage to our super secret Huginn.

We lost our tackle in a fight against a Coercer. @Sara_Jane-Smith burnt out his warp scrambler before we could arrive, so had to bump the coercer to keep it from warping. Bumping is not great for avoiding guns and he popped, but not before we arrived and got secondary point. There’s always a balance when hunting, between jumping into system too soon and scaring away the prey, and jumping too late and losing your tackle ship.

We had a few more fights in the area as the evening progressed:

With several kill marks on my firetail by the end of the evening, I felt invincible. Until i wasn’t. Those hobgoblin IIs just chewed me up and spat me out. We did kill the Aribtrator and his buddy afterwards of course. I like to think that my distractive explosion was crucial to the kill.

The Amarr continue to attack Anka and defend Sosala, with many Minmatar groups distracted with objectives outside of the warzone. Has the tide turned for the Amarr, or will the Republic strike back against the Empire, crushing it back into the ground? Watch this space.

Oh, and by the way. Don’t think we haven’t seen you, @Tristan_daCuhna, back in Eytjangard.


You would have seen my alt plexing :wink: errrm I mean doing her bit promote Caldari / Amarr relations.

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