Anka Saved

As I prepared to log onto EVE for a relaxed evening I got a ping on Slack “Anka is vulnerable”. By the time I’d got online, we’d got the system back to 99.3% and were shipping into Thrashers while hostiles several of the complexes at once.

The fight fight was a bloodbath inside the Small, with heavy losses of high dps, low tank ships on both sides, leaving the site littered with wrecks. I was involved in 7 kills in about 90 seconds before I was primaried and promptly exploded:

We held the site, but were too few to have much hope of holding it for long, so we left one ship to run the timer and went to reship into Firetails.

Once returned, we set up inside the medium, killing what we found inside:

The Amarr captured the large site, pushing the system to vulnerable again for a short time until a solo Minmatar Succubus claimed the novice unnoticed, bringing the system back down to 99.3%.

Having co-ordinated with our Italian fleet, we then moved in for a second assault on the again heavily defended medium. @Arko_Floyd had reshipped and landed on the acceleration gate with us. It only took 1 shot for him to explode.

The fight inside the small was as intense as the one 30 minutes earlier. At one point I got primaried and bounced out, returning to the site to re-join the killing.

Having secured Anka, we claimed a couple of sites then returned to Kamela for the evening via Sosala.

A dedicated group continued to de-plex Anka and it currently sits at 72% contested.

Soo many wrecks!


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Well done! Lots of kills and fun to read. I wish I would have been able to join that day.

I wouldn’t exactly say the fights were intense at all, you guys had many more people than us for the first fight and even when we took the fight outnumbered for the first fight, you decided to stockpile more people into a fight you were already winning due to more numbers lol.

We take fights against forces that outnumber us because we actually like to blow stuff up and get blown up. When 99% of the time you guys will only fight if you have either: Lots of ecm, way too much logi or simply outnumber the enemy 2:1.

There was plenty of content there last night but the number difference combined with the minmatar fleets only going into fights where they were 100% certain to win just sorta ruined it. Yes I sound salty af but we literally hand you guys content on a plate on a daily basis, regularly going into fights with like half your numbers knowing we’ll lose and even the other day I have you an orca to kill but you guys still spam ecm and silly amounts of logi lol. It’s clear that you aren’t at all interested in having good, fun fights so we’ll simply stop giving them to you until we build up enough guys to do the same cowardly tactics to you.

Yeah this is pretty lame. You guys had double the logi, and jams, and flew destroyers against frigates. That’s really intense hahaha. Some intense stuff is coming so hopefully you write about that.

Ok, so please take that as my perspective on the fights mixed with some hopefully contructive critizism:

I mean I understand that you guys have a hard time mustering the numbers and have a lot of newbrows but your perspective seems a bit off.
So when we joined the Anka fleet I was told that there was a large up and a novice just closed. So its either small or medium and there´s like 20+ of your guys in the pipe from kamela over to Anka. I get the 10 ppl I have into Thrashers and one (1!) brings an inquisitor. We get into the small where some Amarrs sit and your fleet lands right behind us and all in all I see atleast 15 ppl on your site and maybe 12 on ours.
Yes you were mostly in frigs but I didn´t know that when I called the reship and you could have adapted to the plex situation and been in dessis as well.
Then you go ahead and try to headshot us right away because you are just there for the fun…
All in all the first fight was intense as it could gone both ways with only 2 of the initial ships surviving.

The second fight we entered into 6 coercers a catalyst and some smaller stuff in frigates. Yes we brought logi but as the death of two of them show before we killed the second destroyer your dps was more then enough to handle them. Then the italians came and yes they had a griffin. Its their fleet and Im not in controll of them. Still you could have done way better even in that fight. The first 2 kills have 8 out of the atleast 13 amarrs in the plex on it. And then it falls apart.

The third fight you bring logi and 3 griffins. By this time we are outnumbering you by arround 10 pilots. Still you bring mostly frigs into a small and your griffins are not only fitted with one open midslot you also have rainbow even tho you knew that we were in firetails with inquis.

Again: Yes you have a hard time. You are fighting with smaller numbers and you are fighting with more newbros against a well established group.
But we´ve been there too. We didn´t get pitty points. And we wouldn´t have wanted them.
I know that it can be frustrating but just blaming the other site is not gone solve the problem. There is a lot of potential in your ranks but you need to work on it.
As I´ve said we have been there 3 years ago and had to work our way back as well and I wish you all the best for rebuilding the slavers militia so that we all can have more even fights and fun.

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“Anka saved”

Now whats the saying, ‘Don’t count your chickens before they hatch’



Ahhh… So that’s what the "Amarr Victor"s in militia chat were for.

Gian Bal salt is best salt.

Amarr Victor o7

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