Three citadel fight won

Last night saw three citadel fights fought, and won, by the Ursha’Khan. For the first, a citadel defence in Arnher, we brought hurricanes supported by guardians to defend against No Handlebars capital fleet.

We lost several hurricanes at the start of the fight, with our logi largely unable to lock new targets in time (although when we did catch the reps in time, we could keep the canes up). Our rapidly shrinking hurricane fleet was unable to break the FAX reps.

When all looked lost, our allies arrived in the form of our Italian corp, Global Isk Network. At about the same time, capitals belonging to Pandemic Legion, BoT, Panic Attack, It Burns When I’m PvPing, and Shadow Cartel arrived on field to join the fun. Some of these caps were specifically there to protect the citadel, which others were just bundling in on the fight.

The chaos left a total of 21 capital wrecks, 8 of which belonged to No Handlebars.

That fight won, we moved on to our second citadel defence of the day, taking an excursion to Horaka in high sec to play neutral logistics to defend a war-deced Raiteru on structure. Overwhelming numbers on our side forced Who Dares Wins to flee and the Raiteru was saved.

The third fight saw us again victorious, with an Astrahaus used by the Amarr to dock and clone in blown to pieces.

What’s next? Watch this space.


I have been enjoying reading all these threads on the FW areas in the past couple of weeks. Please keep it up everyone. )))

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Here’s the BR The truth lies within

BR doesn’t show entire logi wing plus the guys that can’t target and shoot stuff, estimate we faced 160 based on local numbers.

The combined force of your Citadel, Fleet and ECM wing (who didn’t save a thing and perma jamed our target callers from the start) only managed to kill a tackled HIC after our FAX went down and our subcaps were leaving, as your tried to brawl us in arty canes.

Your first batphone of Panic Attack lost their dreads.

Your second batphone of the Amamake boys were about to lose theirs

Had your third batphone of SC not shown up with as many carriers as we had subcaps

What you fail to mention in your write up is how cowardly Ursha’Khan are when faced with an equal numbers whilst having the defending advantage of a Citadel, bringing in 100+ more pilots in to hold their hands for them and turning what could have been a good fight into a farce.

The objective may well have been won, it wasn’t by you, losing your dignity seems to be a small price to pay.


Thanks for sharing the battle report.

It’s worth noting that it wasn’t as clear cut red vs. blue as that report makes out. Many of the killmails have a mix of pilots on them and there was at least 5 separate fleets on the field. (With two separate UK ones - one English speaking Hurricanes and one Italian speaking Blackbirds).

I’m not sure how No Handlebars can talk of cowardice, dignity and “good fights” when you routinely drop capital fleets on cruisers and battlecruisers.

I had fun either way. I’ll no doubt see you on the battlefield again some time soon.


No probs

It’s clear cut; did they all shoot us? Yes. Did they shoot your fleet or your Citadel? Nope. Your organisational woes are not our problem nor is a lack of opsec on your behalf letting 3rd parties know whats happening.

That’s not a fleet, that’s a couple of guys dropping caps because, they’re bored or they can’t PVP. They’re sitting ducks/loot pinatas, kill them and most of us will applaud you and mock them. It’s not even a challenge to do it. It’s also not how we behave in an actual fleet, we try to be balanced and bring the appropriate level of force, not to smash our enemies in the face but to encourage them to stay on field and/or form to fight us the next time.

We also had fun, and please don’t let me discourage you from posting - take my replies as being written with my tongue firmly in my cheek.

But you do owe us just under 19bil worth of kills, so we’ll probs collect at some point :slight_smile:

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