Hasama lost to the Caldari State - we must not rest on our laurels

Today, Saturday 3-28-YC122 at 12:38 NEST the Gallente Federatin lost control of the star system Hasama. Administration of the system will be transferred to the Caldari State tomorrow morning as per established protocols, marking the end of the Federation’s brief total control of the Factional Warfare zone.

This event comes only a few hours before the scheduled FDU Victory Gala in Prism.

It appears that the Caldari Militia forces encountered minimal resistance while capturing the system until it reached an approximately 90% “contested” state. At that time Federation militia members began to organise a defense fleet. and advertise it on various GalNet channels. I happened to see one such announcement early on, and so I joined the fleet (becoming its third member), jumped into a Breacher frigate, and made my way to the system. Unfortunately, the original organizer of the defense fleet was soon pulled away by other duties, and so fleet leadership was passed onto me, one of the least experienced capsuleers in the FDU.

I quickly contacted my capsuleer corporation (Necromongers; we are recruiting) to alert them of the situation and request reinforcements; in addition I advertised the fleet heavily on GalNet militia channels. Eventually about two dozen brave militia members joined our cause. We dealt with the token Caldari forces in system at the time with only minor difficulty, but at about 04:00 NEST a more significant Caldari force jumped in to oppose us. Unfortunately at this time I mayself was pulled away from the fight; so I transferred fleet leadership to my corporation CEO ImmortalWarHero. I understand that other fleet members also found themselves unable to remain in the field for much longer and so the Caldari were eventually able to complete their conquest.

The events that took place in Hasama today are a reminder to all FDU-aligned capsuleers that our recent victories are only temporary matters, and that we must redouble the fight if we do not wish to see system after system fall back into the hands of the State.


Thank you for this after action report. If you would like to better coordinate defensive efforts, please contact me directly so we can integrate your organization into existing Gallente Militia combined com networks.

We are back, gentlemen!
Hasama is liberated.
Nikkishina is liberated.
Ikoskio is liberated.

Or we will send you to Villore in zinc boxes.

Glory to the State!

But Kimmy, we are home. Prism is our new home now.


“Liberated” is a bit of an oxymoron when it comes from the mouth of the State.

Not from the State’s point of view.

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There is no liberty in the Caldari State. Never has been, never will be. Not until the Caldari people have the freedoms guaranteed to them by the Federation Charter and denied after the War of Secession.

Under the Treaty of Tierijev the Caldari State gained international recognition as the legitimate government of the Caldari People, but that does not erase the truth of the regime of oppression that they operate. True legitimacy comes from the consent of the governed, expressed through free and fair elections. I’ll believe that the megacorporations are defenders of Caldari liberty when they allow the Caldari people to vote on whether to keep them in charge.


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No you.

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It is clearly not. Gallntean oppressors are occupants on Caldari territory and we are liberating our space from foreign invaders. Everything is logical and proper.

Rejoice, Citizens!

One more system is free from gallente oppression!
Raihbaka has been liberated today.

Glory to the State!

Welcome to the IGS pilot.

There are many ways to contribute to the Federation without getting sucked into to the futile EMWPA conflict with the State but, if you’re set on that path, Commanders Adams and Vero, respectively of NADSC and GMVA, are probably the least uncivilised options.

Following policies set forth by the CRC Communications Policy, a message has been removed from this thread for being Out of Character.

Thank you,

~Alexandre Arthie

Alexandre Arthie,
Directive Enforcement Department
CONCORD Assembly



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