Call for Explanation from State Navy Forces

Greetings fellow capsuleers and Empire representatives,

If you’ve travelled down the Jita trade pipe recently, you may have noticed an unusual sight. Swarming the gates from Uedama to Kassigainen are Caldari Navy ships in startling numbers. In fact, if one were to investigate further they’d find that the entirety of the Kantanen and Caldari Border Zone constellations are thoroughly patrolled by State navy fleets. The purpose of such a deployment is unclear, which is just the problem.

Of course, all observed State forces remain in their own territories and no trespasses have yet occurred. I’m aware of no legal violation in their presence. Still, for the peace of mind of the clusters inhabitants and in the interest of transparency I call out this quiet build up of naval forces and petition the Caldari State to justify this excessive deployment to the Federal border. In a time of heightened tensions, it can only worsen relations and stands as dangerous and unnecessary militarism.

In short, for what reason are they there? Why build up forces on the Federal border? Why militarize your trade routes? In the absence of explanation, one can only assume the worst.

Hoping you’ll soon bring clarity to this situation,

~K. Andile


Probably in response to the Federation doing the same for over a month now? Federal Navy fleets have even been spotted leaking into low security systems.

Let’s not pretend that this is something unreasonable or unexpected from the State.


When the Federation does it, it’s not worth talking about.

When the Caldari do it, on the other hand…


For the record, when this was first reported to myself internally, I did ask whether there are signs of response or similar build-up by the Federation observable. Andile checked and reported a negative. I have not seen similar reports by you or anyone else, either.

There is no malice or bias intended here. If we have missed something, we will naturally be interested to hear about it.

It might serve you better in the future to not jump into insinuations before explaining the situation. I have said it before and I will say it again: we are not an enemy of the State.

Reports? It was even on the Scope back when they first deployed. The Federal mobilization wasn’t exactly subtle.

Oh, for the love of gods. Let me just get off Neocom and go have a quiet moment of contemplation to reconsider my “we’re not an enemy of the State” stance, considering how much you people seem to insist on being unfriendly.

I’m willing to believe it was carelessness rather than malice. But if your tribe can’t accurately verify basic facts on the ground, perhaps you should refrain from commenting on Empire politics.

Stay out of our business. This has nothing to do with you.

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Pointing out that something you were unaware of made the recent international news is unfriendly?

I was trying to be informative.

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Getting antsy about the internal military movements of another nation within its own sovereign borders while their own or their allied nation is doing the exact same thing is an Electus Matari speciality. They kicked up a similar fuss last year during the EoM false flag affair.

Glad to see people recognise it for what it is.


Fine, I’ll withdraw.

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Its actually quite interesting that you bring this up, because this is exactly what I am calling for.

There is an increase of Federal presence in 3 constellations due to local naval and customs forces having been brought to high alert. I can tell you this because the increased presence was shared with the scope and disseminated to the cluster at large. Given the ongoing manhunt for a high profile Intaki diplomat, bringing customs and military forces to high alert in constellations between Intaki and the rest of the federation is a reasonably transparent move. Even so, I wouldn’t complain to have some more clarity from the Fed Navy on their exact intentions, as having to depend on inferencing still leaves some vagueness.

The State Navy in contrast is making similar moves but is doing it discreetly, not giving any explanation, and doing so on the most prominent border it shares with the Federation. No public statement has yet been given.

As I’ve already stated, the State has every business to move its forces within its borders as it sees fit. I simply request the same clarity that we’ve already received from the federation; where and why are they doing this?


So, bringing the Fed Navy to high alert in response to a manhunt for a Gurista-collaborating operative that they refuse to turn over, perfectly transparent and reasonable.

Mobilizing the Caldari Navy to mirror what a hostile nation at our borders is doing, opaque and suspicious?

I don’t follow.


It is difficult to turn someone over who one does not possess.

And yes. Increasingly naval forces on your border with no announcement of it is opaque and suspicious. Had I not announced it here, most of the cluster would remain oblivious to this buildup. As is, I imagine most still are. That is suspicious and alarming. And I don’t see that there is any fault in asking for clarity and transparency from the State when they are acting strangely.

I would like to argue that it is no way a mirror either. Mobilizing forces deep within your territory is very different than parading them around on your neighbours border. But I remain in a position that neither of us can truly say if its a mirroring action or not, as neither of us can speak for the state’s intention. They’ve been quiet about this movement which leaves us all in the dark about its purpose.

If I may add, I find it odd for one to be opposed to the flow of information. One would expect State citizens to be every bit as concerned about discreet military movements in its borders as outsiders. This isn’t some attack on your people. I simply ask for a more open flow of information and discourse over unusual military movements.


If a State citizen is not privy to the Navy’s current operations and objectives, it is not their place to know.

Should that change, there will be an appropriate press release.


A press release is all I ever asked. Given this is taking place on the border and not an internal matter (geographically speaking), the citizens of the cluster deserve clarity. It is frankly overdue.


You deserve nothing.

Your thinly veiled attempt at propaganda is wearing thin on my patience. I suggest you be silent and allow us to be Caldari.

If you continue to agitate, will hold your entire organization responsible.


My withdrawing from the discussion was not intended to give you leave to threaten my organization and I suggest you cease.

An executive is responsible for the actions of their subordinates.

I have too high regard for you as a leader to consider you weak.


Resorting to threats and demanding silence over a matter really helps alleviate tensions. It really conveys a sense that you have nothing to hide. /s

Fortunately my people and my organization are all too familiar with opposing tyranny and fighting to maintain our freedoms. Perhaps your citizens may be meekly cowed by bluster, but your empty threats won’t stop me from expecting transparency from governments.

Kyra Andile is a free woman of the Brutor Tribe and as far as I as the diplomat for Electus Matari am concerned, she is free to talk about politics on a public forum, given that what she says is respectful to allies and rivals, and her speaking of it not in contradiction of any official, explicit policy of the Republic we serve. Threats at Electus Matari in an attempt to silence her because you cannot take it like a tribesman and respond in kind will be ignored.

Should you wish to formally complain on her conduct be adviced that I am not on a direct chain of command of Captain Andile and only answer here because direct threats were made at Electus Matari. Captain Andile’s CEO is @Ravemore_Achnuman; his commander is @Debes_Sparre; his again @Challis_Drant.

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