[ILF] Questions Regarding Federal Military Deployments in Intaki

It seems the Federation military has finally dispensed with all pretence in Intaki.

It is well known that a minimal Federation Navy presence in Intaki was a stipulation of membership of the Federation. Of course it is also an unspoken truth in Intaki that this has almost always been ignored.

Despite famously and publically being turned back at the Intaki stargate in Agoze in YC112, the Federation Navy has long taken advantage of the ambiguity that exists within the CEWMPA conflict, deploying small patrols that operate under the auspices of the Federal Defense Union.

In more recent years however, the Federation appears to have taken to more overt deployments, not only into the Intaki system, but going so far as to land marines on the surface of Intaki Prime itself!

In the aftermath of the Intaki Crisis of YC121, almost a month after Lai Dai signed a ceasefire agreement with the Intaki Assembly, and two days after Mordu’s Legion has confirmed the complete withdrawal of Onikanabo Brigade forces from Intaki Prime, Federal Marines deployed in force, supported by elements of the Federal Defense Union.

And other than contravening Navy limitations within the Intaki system, it’s unclear what they have been doing ever since.

Today however, The Scope has reported that Federal Marines have made further deployments to Intaki Prime.

This begs the question, why? Of course it’s extremely unlikely that the public would be told, with enquiries rebuffed with excuses of strategic confidentiality or the like.

With no clear defined threat present in Intaki, over and above the usual security risks that come with daily life in Viriette, there is already speculation from some quarters that the Federation may be preparing to override the Intaki Assembly, should they decide to appoint the Intaki Space Police as the legitimate system security franchisee. Potentially by force.

And that is something that should concern us all.


Is anyone honestly surprised? It is not exactly in the Federation’s nature to let go of authority once it thinks it has secured it. What I am surprised about, is that they have allowed the Intaki this level of self-governance for so long.

We already know what happens when a member state tries to circumvent the Federal government’s will to power.


I feel that my Suresha’s words here though damning to many a federal ear, ring strong and true. It is indeed a sorrowful time when such unwarranted actions takes place on Intaki soil.

In recent weeks I have tried to neutralise local threats from both the Caldari and Federal Militia to try at the very least to draw fighting away from the home world however I feel another option may need to be found in the wake of these actions.

I am at this time unsure what form such an option would take but for the good of Intaki I will be leaving no stone unturned in my search.


Concerning my two esteemed associates’… concern, your tone does favor the conspiratorial; however, in retiring to Inaki, investing substantial resources in making it for myself, a grateful guest, and its native population a more prosperous and developed economy.

Considering the many trials the Intaki people have endured of late. The insult of being haggled over by the States minions, in the fashion of their Imperial overlords, the violence and misrule, I greet the stabilizing influence of such a deployment with joy as should all… loyal citizens of our glorious Federal Union.


This deployment will not bring stability.

It risks exacerbating what can already be a highly charged militia conflict, particularly in the Intaki system, and stands in direct opposition to the long-established wishes of the people of Intaki, as demonstrated by their elected representatives in the Assembly.

“Neither required nor welcomed,” as Intaki System Command put it to the Admiral a little over ten years ago.

Or are we witnessing a change in the Gallente Federation?

Is this no longer a union built on consent? Do the democratic norms no longer apply? And so soon after Federation Day?

“Should”? “Loyal citizens”?

You suggest my tone leans towards conspiratorial, but does your response have a tone of its own?

So I ask you, or any other “loyal citizen” who may choose to answer: Or else what?

Have the ideals of free speech and the right to challenge the actions of political leadership, including those of a military nature, also been dispensed with?

With Federal marines on Intaki Prime, must we Intaki remember how to hold out tongues as we did in the past in the face of Federal military might?

Hyperbole? Perhaps. But in the face of claims of a “stabilising influence” let me be clear.

I am not reassured.


Oh, Intaki, the system that’s been playing hot potato between the Federation and State in the same war that the Federation are pretty much losing right now?

This looks like a garrisoning move. The Federation is moving to secure its resources in the system before the Caldari drop another fleet on it.

Of course, that excuses only the issues that reside in between the regions of “■■■■” and “all”. I’m not nearly naive enough to think the Gallente won’t try to make a power play here. They eat civil liberties for breakfast.

But I do have to ask: All you Intaki seem to do is complain about the Federation treading on your liberties. So why don’t you just… leave? You all certainly think you’d be better off doing so, so why not just leave? It’s not like they can stop you, the Caldari won’t abide the large baseliner fleet that would have to occupy the system and Capsuleers don’t have the numbers or experience necessary to do it on their behalf. Plus the issue would certainly cause an uproar that would take, at minimum, two geologic ages to move through the Courts before they could even propose such a move.

Well well, that is the question now, isn’t it.

If the people on Intaki want independence, they would have it. Their Assembly would demand it. But they haven’t now, have they?

There are far more “Intaki” in the “diaspora,” as some call it, than ever there were who lived on the planet itself. Do they get a vote? Of course not.

It makes one wonder; if perhaps the incessant calls for independence are only the prattling of a vocal few. Some fish you see get bigger when the pond gets smaller.


You know, I bet the folks on Luminaire VII thought that at one point, too. How’d that ‘we want independence’ incident work out?


An interesting observation, considering the topic of independence hadn’t been mentioned at all here until your response, and the one that preceded it.

You know I’m more than happy to engage in the wider constitutional debate, but to do so here would allow legitimate and serious concerns about a Federal military build up on Intaki Prime to be distracted by those who have little argument to defend such deployments.

I see that elsewhere, that there are those who would seek to control the narrative, undermining local concerns with claims that

But that’s not what the news report being referenced says, is it?

To quote the summary headline in full:

That does not sound like a request by the Intaki Assembly to the Federation. That sounds like the Assembly being approached by the Federal Administration, most likely after the decision to deply had been made.

I suppose credit is due for the courtesy.

With Federal marines on Intaki Prime, and elements of the militia having established a very visible presence in the Intaki system, we remain extremely concerned.

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So to be clear, you do not want independence. Noted. I was just curious about the Intaki, which I have had little reason to pay attention to so far. You all do complain a lot, though, and some of the rhetoric used seemed to imply independence, which is why I took the stance that I did. Was I wrong to do so?

Thus my grudging respect for you, though we disagree on many things.

But please, let us be honest, you, to my understanding, seldom lie, but you rarely tell the whole truth.

So controlling the narrative, particularly when presented falsely, becomes necessary.

No, that’s incorrect.

The Intaki Liberation Front has been one of the most vocal capsuleer-led organisations advocating for Intaki secession for over a decade.

I simply pointed out that it was not the secessionist in this discussion that first raised the topic of independence.

As I have already said, I’m more than happy to debate the broader issues, and will continue to do so, but my intention on this occassion is to highlight specific concerns regarding events currently happening in the Intaki system today, at this moment, and the political and military barriers that exist that prevent long term solutions from being realised.

I hope you already know that the grudging respect is mutual.

I’ve been a prominant voice within the secessionist movement for long enough to understand that my reasoning will be robustly challenged by those who stand in opposition.

By the same token I will continue to challenge the contradicitions and inconsistencies of others where I see them.


As I posted I support the notion of the Intaki people taking their future into their own hands, up to and including secession if necessary.

The Intaki have been critically supportive of the Presidents agency, which seems to imply there is some sort of agreement between the two that will be beneficial to the Intaki people.

State occupation during these negotiations can only destabilize the chosen path of the Intaki people.

What every you may think about the Gallente, at this time they are the better of two evils, and the only side that has respected the Intaki peoples and planets. Once the system was regained marines were dropped yes, but I pointed out that they were likely requested by the Intaki themselves. That is the “Mixed views” and this report seems to suggest that they are confirming that they spoke with the Gallente people prior to the Marines being sent. Yes one could argue that it is possible that the Gallente forced them upon the Intaki people, but given the ongoing cooperation by the President, and strong support by the Intaki people, it is much more reasonable to take away that the Marines are sent to protect the territory given the importance of this time for them all. No one wants to give Lai Dai and Ishikone another chance to fight over the “Reparation’s” by plundering the population.

To do otherwise would seem very dishonest indeed…

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Considering your history, I would highly doubt you would ever claim the State is anything besides the “greater evil”. And also considering your history, I would postulate you could never think of a situation where State occupation would not be “destabilizing”. You are not any kind of neutral party who has any right to opine on the situation from a non-partisan viewpoint. What it sounds like, is that you are intent on putting the Intaki in a position where deciding to pursue their own interests would be at odds with their security and freedom. It sounds like you are covering for Federation pressure.

A neutral Intaki could serve as a very valuable link between the State and the Federation, considering it’s shared history with both empires. Unfortunately, both an overbearing and controlling Federation, and a callous megacorporation with malicious intentions, is ruining this opportunity.

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The Intaki protested until the State occupation was ended.

I don’t know what else to tell you besides look at the current events and recent history. We do not want hostility, we want the Intaki to get what they want. You are providing only ad hominum attacks and not addressing the clear laid out case I have made for why this action is both just and necessary.

I personally cannot wait until I never have to see an Intaki gunstar again. I do not do this for myself, I do it for the Intaki people.

So in your mind if we employed our own protection force there would no longer be an issue.

What are your feelings on the Intaki Space Police or for that matter Mordus Legion?


Speaking for myself.

It is possible within certain constraints for an individual acknowledged federated unit within the federal construct to employ its own security apparatus.

Accordingly, depending on the organization of such an arrangement, it would not breach the Federal Charter.

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I would be most pleased if someone ELSE ensured the safe process currently being undergone in Intaki. However, given the events of last time, and the clear signals by the Intaki people to work with the Federation on these matters for now, we are aiming to ensure that voice is heard and protected and not squashed by those who see them as plunder or who would coopt their causes just to dismiss their crys.

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That’s a sentiment that seems genuine and for which a certain amount of gratitude and respect seems in order. Apologies that I’ve not had the chance to respond to your separate post, which I read with interest. I will try to catch up over the next few days.

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Their home planet is sectored in low security space. Until the Federation can negotiate to remove their system from the Pendulum Wars, they will continue to suffer. One does wonder, if the Intaki are such a valued member of the Federation, why this has not already been done.

I’m sure you believe me uncaring of their plight, but I am more understanding of their situation than you can know. My own home planet is likewise located in lowsec. The Intaki have the advantage of being numerous, entrenched and a recognized member state of the Federation. Asakaians do not share these priveledges.