[ILF] Official Statement Responding to Events in Intaki and Surrounding Systems

Namas Tayam

To say that today has been eventful in Intaki is an understatement in the extreme.

After more than a decade of conflict, the Gallente Federation has finally removed the Intaki home system, along with its neighbours, from the CEWMPA warzone.

This is something the Intaki Liberation Front has campaigned for since our very foundation, and so this development is something to be celebrated and welcomed.

What this change does however, is demonstrate that Intaki’s consistent suffering at the hands of both Federation and State forces has always been optional. If the President had the ability to remove systems, entire constellations, from the warzone, why not before now?

This single positive action by the Gallente Federation, and let me be clear that I do not understate its significance, does not outway the years of neglect and oppression that have preceded it.

And when I speak of oppression, I of course mean the method chosen by President Aguard.

Today’s actions by the Federation Navy completely undermine a core agreement between the Intaki Assembly and the Federation. It has long been understood that the Intaki agreed to join the Federation on the clear understanding that there would be a minimal Navy presence in the system.

Today Present Aguard chose to ignore that understanding.

And this is not some archived arrangement that is largely forgotten, or no longer applies. This continues to be official policy, as demonstrated by the Intaki Assembly when the Federation Navy last attempted to deploy in numbers to the system.

Clearly not wanting to be told they are “neither required nor welcomed” as they were twelve years ago, the Federation Navy simply launched what has been described by the Scope as “an unprecedented level of cynosural beacon activity”, as part of “a massive invasion of the Intaki system and a number of surrounding systems”.

And those are The Scope’s choice of words, not my own.

But this is not the first time President Aguard’s choices have impacted the Intaki system and undermined the Assembly’s authority.

Later this month, her government will have been actively preventing the Intaki Assembly from awarding the critical Security and Shipping contracts to their chosen franchisees for three years.

I have lived and worked in Intaki during times of prolongued State occupation and when there has been fighting on the surface of Intaki Prime. I was there when Sansha’s Nation attempted to uplift the people of Intaki IV in the earliest days of their incursions and I was there when the Triglavians were pushed back.

I find it interesting that it is under the banner of the Gallente Federation and its so called freedoms that Intaki is experiencing its most oppressive military presence above Intaki Prime, and that the elected representatives in the Assembly continue to be rendered impotent and unable to enact their policies.

The Intaki Liberation Front awaits the Assembly’s response.


Before you had to deal with oppressive Caldari haulers that were bringing goods to help building Intaki infrastructure, but now you have to deal with freedom-bringing Gallentean warships pointing their guns at you.

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It’s unlike you to compliment Ishukone so openly, Commander.

It was Ishukone haulers operating legally under the Intaki shipping franchise, after all.


Ah, Dear Bataav, ever the charismatic leader. Don’t worry hun, while you sit back and wait the Tears of Reschard will be sure to take some swift action against this intrusion of Intaki rights.

Namas Bataav,


Thank you for your views.




Your words of wisdom calm me in this time of strife.

However I do worry about the path ahead.

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That “most oppressive military presence” will likely dissapate in the coming weeks, assuming the Caldari State do not try to ‘re-acquire their assets’, or whatever it is they use to describe invading sovereign peoples.

We lost Elusenia, Vale IV, and our sister worlds because of Federation inaction. This is the most preferable outcome in the end. I shall not patronize you with listing the reasons why.


Entirely agree. As onerous as the Federation may be to Intaki freedom, being removed from the Warzone’s boarders is a great boon. Once the Federation’s military assets stand down whenever they are sure the State will not attempt to surge back in.

It is also possible that the President meant what she said yesterday when she said her hand was forced by some unidentified threat connected to recent events. I dread to think what the risk assessment looks like in her daily intelligence briefing.


I’m sorry, what makes you think the State wouldn’t surge back in?

Let’s set down what’s happened: a treaty that both empires agreed to has been flagrantly violated, the Caldari Navy and ground troops in those territories have been killed and pushed out, and the Federation now seems to be preparing to push even further.

The Federation declared war. People think that the State is just going to stand down after a while?

I hope you are correct, but experience with the Gallente Federation tells me otherwise.

The Federation undermined its own democratic processes by suspending the right to vote in Intaki and other systems. A policy that took years to reverse.

The Federation undermines its own Federal system of member state autonomy and sovereignty to this day, by continuing to prevent the Intaki Assembly from awarding the security franchise, and has been doing so for three years.

And now, the President has demonstrated that she is willing to disregard a core principle of Intaki membership of the Federation itself on a massive scale.

Why would we assume this will be rectified any faster?


Because State invasions of non Militia Gallente space do not have a stellar track record. I mean, they could try certainly.

The Scope just reported on a Caldari counter-offensive in Athounon today. It appears the Chief Executive Panel have already begun the process of retaliation.

I would hardly call it a counter-offensive, Serthoulde has been undeniably in State control under the CEMWPA for months. I’m not sure it’s even reactionary because the buildup in Samanuni during the gate construction project was occurring before yesterday and that is where most of the fortifying fleets originated from.

Additionally the State Navy hasn’t messed with the I-Hub in breach of the CEMWPA either.

It is something but it isn’t a retaliation.

Judging from the number and scale of the Federal Navy installations that now exist throughout the Intaki system, any hopes for a short term deployment seem less likely.

It is as we in the Intaki Liberation Front anticipated.

Reports of significant losses and valid ongoing concerns have been raised by longstanding allies, as have numerous perspectives by interested parties regarding Intaki security in general.

It goes without saying that the resources of the Intaki Prosperity Initiative are available to our friends in I-RED. Response teams from the Intaki Prime Relief Effort stand ready to help any personnel that may need medical attention and have been separated from their respective organisations.

As Suresha of the Intaki Liberation Front, I have been approached for official comment, so I will repeat here what I have told reporters:

The people of Intaki need reassurance, and so the ILF calls upon the Assembly to respond publically.

In her speech, the President said that she had taken advice from the Federal Security Council, the Military Commission, and leading members of the Senate, but there was no mention of the Intaki Assembly as the sovereign local government.

Are we to assume that today’s reported meeting between the Assembly Permanent Bureau and the Federal Marines General is their first official involvement?

Will the people of Intaki receive the explanation they deserve?


I’m afraid that the Federation considers “Might equals right” to be all the explanation they need. I’m sending my positive energy to the occupied constellations. :two_hearts:


I certainly hope so, but the Federation’s answer may not be satisfactory to the Intaki people. Those who lost friends and family to the Federation’s overwhelming force will not be quick to forgive. Capsuleers and politicians are busy debating law and politics and it’s easy for the powerful to lose sight of those who only have one life to lose.

I don’t think the State is going to be the Federation’s worst enemy in the long run. The Intaki are fully capable of insurgency. Both the Syndicate and the Chief Executive Panel would be more than happy to arm and supply such an endeavor. President Aguard may have bitten off more than she can chew this time.


We might continue to wait for a reaction from the Intaki Assembly, but that an Intaki Senator has chosen to speak out was unexpected.

That it is Senator Bellaron is significant.

It was only in the Presidential election of YC122 that the Senator had strong support among backers of the Federalist-Liberal Party. He is a controversial figure, known for his central-interventionist views.

For him to argue against the nature of the Federal Navy deployment in Intaki speaks volumes.

And while we in the Intaki Liberation Front are surprised to find ourselves in agreement with the Senator’s criticisms and concerns regarding the situation in Intaki, we are reassured to find other voices also joining our own.

We have long been told that there is little appetite for a change to Intaki’s place within the Federation. That ours is a minority voice.

But now those who advocate greater devolution within the Federation protest alongside pro-indepence groups. Beyond the borders of Intaki and Viriette, we see that regionalist campaigners lend their support.

More and more the people of Intaki appear to question the President’s assurances.

In her inaugural speech, President Aguard said,

Actions speak louder than words.


Indeed they do, and all of this comes with another interesting piece of news:

“Intaki Syndicate Representatives Escorted From Placid to Syndicate Space by DED Special Forces”

Highly trained CONCORD police units escorting Syndicate diplomats out of a war zone into null sec? Very curious. What were they doing in Placid? The DED wouldn’t tip its hand into this mess without a good reason, especially since it’s quite literally on the edge of their jurisdiction. I’m very interested to hear what these representatives were doing during their visit.

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